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Best Of Show

Dmitry Fesechko

"Music of War"

Oil on canvas , 80 x 45cm

Sale Price $2200

Artist Statement: “Music of War”

I don’t paint many still life paintings, but when I do I try to inspirit them with some symbolism like the masters of the past did before. “Music of War” is the painting about life and death. On the left side of the composition you can notice a two-string musical instrument called “Topshur”. It takes its origin from the Western Mongolian tribes. Mongolian people usually sang songs about wars and heroes of the past accompanied by this instrument. They also played topshur before a battle to inspire people. Somehow this instrument symbolizes a war. But the same time music can symbolize life, movement, inspiration. On the right side of the composition you can see the human skull in old style Mongolian hat. Apparently, it symbolizes death, “Memento mori”.

I decided to paint two light sources. Left one is red. A color of life, fierce and energy. Topshur is being lit by this light. Right light source is green. In color psychology green color stimulates harmony in the brain. It is a calm color. All of us will find desired peace after death.

Also, painting this still life I was inspired by 19th century Russian artist Vasily Vereshchagin. One of his most famous paintings is “The Apotheosis of War”. He has painted a big pile of sculls in a middle of Central Asian steppe. Inspiration came to me from the inscription on the frame of this large painting: “Dedicated to all conquerors of the past, present and future”.

Also, when I paint still life paintings, I usually use an old multilayer technique (like Flemish, a little bit modified). It takes a lot of time to finish a piece with such technique. Paintings made this way have volumetric light, the illusion of volume and presence is incredible. The light pierces the canvas and reflects from the wall where the painting is hanging and lightens the canvas from inside. As the shadow areas have the most transparent layer it glows the most. You can notice this effect on many masterpieces of 17th-18th century.


Dmitry Fesechko (b. 1988) is an artist from Moscow, Russia. He started his artist career as an abstract painter, then for some years was absorbed in surrealism and symbolism, taking part in exhibitions in Russia and the EU. He also worked as a digital illustrator for some time but abandoned it focusing entirely on traditional oil painting. He has studied classical multilayer technique that takes its origin from old masters of the past. Nowadays Dmitry works in genres closer to life like still life, landscapes and paints a series of paintings inspired by several trips to India.


2008 Solo exhibition, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

2008 Group exhibition Death and afterlife in art, VDNKh, Moscow

2008 Two paintings were bought for Museum of world Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk

2010-2011 Group exhibitions, Grekov’s Studio, Moscow

2011-2013 Participant of Andrey Nekrasov surrealism art projects “Geysers of subconscious” and “Ying Yang”.

2011 Group exhibition, The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

2012 Group exhibition, Gallery Plum Palm, Moscow

2013 Group exhibition, Gallery Plum Palm, Moscow

2013 Group exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow

2013 – Agnirealism exhibition, DEVE gallery, Moscow

2014 – Agnirealism exhibition, Galerie Natalie Boldyreff, Paris

2018 – Beggars and Saints solo exhibition, Ashwinam center, Moscow



2008 Interview, The Battered Suitcase, Vagabondage Press, LLC

2012 Interview, Futur Maestri

2015 Interview, Artist Removed

2015 Interview, Figurementors

2015 International Contemporary Artists, Vol X, ICA Publishing

2016 The First Berliner Art Book 2016

2017 Interview, Figure Painter Magazine Vol. 46

2017 article, Russiaknowledge

2017-2018 Author of the section “Lessons from the past”, Figurementors


Art Awards:

2017 Bullfight painting, Honourable Mention, Creative Inspiration 2017” event, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

2017 One has reached Samadhi painting, Special Merit Award, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

2017 Sadhu and the old man painting, 4th place in Orientalism, American Art Awards 2017

2018 Top 100 Award, Circle Art Foundation


Miniature Art Events:

2012 Golden medal, Silver medal, Winter Angel Miniature Show, Moscow

2013 Overall prize winner, Spring Angel Miniature Show, Moscow

2015 Silver medal, Monte San Savino Show, Italy

2016 Bronze medal, Monte San Savino Show, Italy

2016 Contest Judge, Ruby sphere Miniature Show, Moscow

2017 Contest Judge, Monte San Savino Show, Italy

2018 Contest Judge, Moson Model Show, Hungary

2018 Grand prize, Paint-o-Palooza, Germany


Member of Creative Union of Professional Artists since 2013


Best Of Show

Kathryn Yu

"We've Drifted"

Oil paint on canvas , 20" x 24"

Sale Price $2000

Artist Statement

As a shy and private person, the pieces I create often share in my quietness. Even a beach teaming with people, when filtered through my eyes and hands, can nevertheless come out with a quiet mood to it. The title “We’ve Drifted” will mean different things to different viewers. Perhaps the people populating the image have all, as a group, drifted to this dreamlike location, removed from their normal everyday lives. Or, drifted may refer to how close in proximity the figures all are and yet there is a feeling of distance in that there is very little interaction between them. For others, the focus may be on the male figure and the female figure who are in the foreground. They seem as if they could have arrived together, but in keeping their heads down, each preoccupied with their own searches, their paths split and they drifted unknowingly farther and farther apart.


Kathryn Yu was born in Dongying, China, but has resided in the United States from the age of 5. She received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to teach after-school art classes to over 400 youth in the Austin area throughout the years. While her very favorite medium to work with is oil paint, she loves to dabble in a variety of art styles and materials, even taking on a massive ongoing project of producing personalized Copic marker avatars for all of the monks who train in kung fu at the Shaolin Temple in China, the site where kung fu originated.

Best Of Show

Gaylord Mink

"People Watching"

Photography , 3000 x 2700

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


My wife is a people watcher. We live in a small town in eastern Washington where most of the people are “normal”. On a recent visit to San Francisco we stopped at a wharf-side shop for a beer and sandwich. As I sipped my beer, I kept my camera poised for that one interesting shot that was sure to come. I noticed my wife was intently watching the cast of “not-so-normal” characters that surrounded us. She was so totally mesmerized by their actions that she had no idea that I had just taken her picture. I was so intent on taking her picture that I ignored all the “not-so-normals” in the background. It looks as if I made the right choice.


Artist Biography


Gaylord Mink began his “artistic” life as a photographer when he retired after 40 years as a research scientist. He began this afterlife as a free-lance wildlife videographer where he concentrated on the movement and behavior of the wild subjects. Later he expanded to digital still photography where he now attempts to tell visual stories about the subject’s behavior. Recently he is focusing on incorporating light and texture as principle subjects in his work, most of which still centers around wildlife and natural things. Occasionally, however, he attempts surreptitious portraits such as this one.



Best Of Show

Mary Dove

"Sedona Arizona Yellow Argentine Giant Cactus Flower"

Oil painting on stretched canvas , 8" x 10"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

The Argentine Giant Cactus Flower is a favorite of landscapers in the high Arizona desert. This fragrant blooms normally open at night and persist until early to mid-morning. While it is said to be a nocturnal blooming cactus on cool, cloudy days in Arizona; the flowers continue blooming during the day. The cactus of choice in the neighborhood.

This Yellow Giant was in my neighbor’s yard backlit by the early morning sun when I took the photograph. Oil paintings were added to expand the level of painting communication. Most often the subject matter directs how it would like to be interpreted in watercolor, oil pastels or as an oil painting. The subject intensity of the flower color and shadows were best expressed in an oil painting.

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Mary Dove’s father made certain she was exposed early and often to a wide variety of life experiences. These included all manner of wildlife, birds, nature, sports and even food. Such invaluable encounters have enabled her to breathe life and soul into everything she chooses to paint or draw. Diversification thus became, and remains today, the hallmark of her work. Paintings range from landscapes and architectural structures, big game animals, pet portraits and still life. This allows the subject matter to emotionally fine her as she responds to a particular location or personal experience.


A resident of Sedona AZ, Mary Dove earned both a Bachelor and a Master of Art Education Degree from Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX. Her college education began as an architect major, moved through commercial art and technical illustration to discover her artistic voice as an illustrator. She now captures structures vanishing from our ever-changing landscapes. In the animal world, her keen insight and sensitivity express the physical characteristics and personality of our animal companions and wildlife. Her chosen subjects are depicted in a “realistic expressionism” style reflecting the study of light and values to depict the story mood of the painting.

Best Of Show

Katty Smith

"Beyond the Yellow Brick Road"

Clay, solid built, finished with terra sigillata and Mason stains , 20" x 15"

Sale Price $1800

Artist Statement

My primary focus when sculpting is the female human spirt that comes from being raised in a family of strong women. Often, I like to convey a message or tell a story through my sculpture. “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” as we know it from the book and movie, The Wizard of Oz, is referred to as a spiritual allegory. By searching for answers in life, as you travel the yellow brick road and then reach the end of the road, you come to realize the answers are inside you and you have the power to control your own destiny through your God given talents.

“Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” was coil built with Max White paper clay; the story was drawn and incised on the surface, and when the clay was bone dry, terra sigillata was applied with Mason stains. After bisque firing, copper oxide wash was applied and wiped off, then the sculpture was fired a second time. The color was enhanced by the application of a matte sealer.


When Katty Smith grew up in the small rural southern town of Halifax, Virginia, art was not a topic of discussion among the less than one thousand residents.  The opportunities to express any artistic ability were somewhat limited to coloring books and drawing scenes on the chalkboard. None the less, having a very large closely knit extended family, highlighted by frequent memorable gatherings, and knowing most people in the town made the formative years a wonderful experience.

A year and a half at The Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro was put on hold when Katty married her high school sweetheart.   Ten years later with two children on board, she began her journey to a B.S. degree from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and eventually earned an MBA from the University of Toledo at age fifty-nine.  Anytime there was an opportunity to go to school, Katty was right there ready to enroll.

In 2008, at age sixty-five, Katty enrolled at Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, GA, in a ceramic sculpting class.  The first day of class when she received her chunk of clay, her lifetime search ended and her passionate journey began. Never once in her sixty-five years of life had Katty ever dreamed of being an artist.

After moving to Florida in 2010, Katty enrolled at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, FL, for three years of ceramic sculpting classes.   The purchase of a house with a large garage and a new kiln allowed Katty to become a studio artist in New Smyrna Beach, FL, in 2013.  Now in her spare time, she plays tennis and volunteers locally at The Hub Gallery on Canal, at the Artists’ Workshop, Inc., and teaches occasional sculpting workshops.   She belongs to art associations that offer exhibiting opportunities and has won numerous awards to include four best in show awards. Katty currently exhibits her work at The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna Beach.

Best Of Show

Beatriz Quinonez-Czwakiel

"Blue Flower"

Ceramic ,

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

I have always been inspired by nature and the different seasons that bring the change of colors with them. Flowers are the primary influence for my artwork. My artwork is made from stoneware clay that has been thrown on the wheel, altered, and staked two or more forms. Carving petals, leaves, or other plant life to the surface adds visual movement and is enhanced using multiple glazes to create the array of colors. My pottery is functional, and decorative, but yet simple and elegant.


Artist Biography

Beatriz Quinonez-Czwakiel is a Mexican-born artist who is currently completing her B.F.A. concentrating in ceramics at Nicholls State University in Louisiana. Her influences for her work portray nature by using leaves or flowers to decoration functional pottery. Flowers in particular because they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so no two flowers are the same as no two pots are exactly the same. The forms are thrown on the wheel then altered or stacked, but they are simple and elegant.  Carving a specific type of petal on the form defines the type of flower the pot will become. Leaves or vines are added to the base to give it more texture.






Best Of Show

Marino Nakano


Pen on paper , 21.4" x 15.5"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

I am pursuing beauty of black in black to illuminate essence of motifs.  The most of motifs are derived from emotional concepts, such as hope, frustration, and sadness, which arise from everyday matters.  In order to portray complexity and ambiguity of these emotions, I’m focusing on depicting monochrome images by manipulating elaborate blackness.



Marino Nakano is a Japanese-born artist who graduated “Musashino Art University” with B.A. Fine Art specialized in oil painting in Japan.  During her University days, she realized that monochrome pen drawing can express her inner core freely rather than oil paintings. This discovery encouraged her motivation to come up with further art works.  After graduating the University in Japan, she decided to relocate to the UK so as to study art more deeply. In the UK, she entered University for the Creative Arts (a.k.a UCA) and studied Textile Design there.  During she was in the university, she had created textured fabric which is hand dyed in black. Also, she was selected as a nominee of one of the best awards for new designers in the UK, called “Texprint”. After she graduated, she had collaborated with British fashion designers, Textile gallery, and Textile enterprises in London by providing her original textured fabrics.  Then she moved back to Japan and started creating consumer products in her own company. Apart from her expertise on “monochrome arts” and “hand craft works”, she had provided colorful digital artworks as an illustrator, which is completely opposite approach to the expertise. This was because she was motivated to publish her art works to the world broadly. However, in spite of the fact that the sales went fairly well and the experience extended her ability a lot, she gradually re-realized how the “monochrome arts” and “hand craft works” are precious to her.  In 2016, getting the opportunity to move to California, USA, she decided to convert her art style back to the delicate and drastic monochrome pen drawing. Now she is motivated to entertain people all over the world by her artworks while being awarded by international art competitions.



Best Of Show

Carol Donahue

"Translation of Form and Concept"

Archival Pigment Print , 24" x 18"

Sale Price $295

Artist Statement

I am an independent freelance photographer, third generation born in Washington, D.C. Until recently I lived in a rural community, on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay, enjoying the naturaI beauty and historical interest of Annapolis and DC. Now I live on the outskirts of Houston, another vibrant city.

My adventure these days is to explore cities finding examples of the development in the places we live. My focus is on creating an image with a strong use of light, line and color. My eye has drifted to capture reflected surfaces and the architecture naturally adds fabulous light and line.

My images are examples of the urban development. I want them to replicate the intensity inthe rhythms of the city. The structures are living, breathing environments and the interactive design to be an integration with nature. There is a balance, in the spaces, between stability and movement. I look for the transitions between the architecture and the relationship to the environment. I am excited to capture the energy of life in these spaces that is implied as much as seen.


I studied photography at local Art Centers while I was raising my family. I Studied at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts with Dick Bond. I also studied with Fine Art Photographer Don Kneessi for 4 years at Anne Arundel Community College. The historic alternative processes piqued my interests and inspired my approach to photography. I was challenged to push the boundaries of creating images. “Learn the rules then you can break them” Kneessi instructed. His other favorite expression was “ You have to get Your knees dirty”! That’s my favorite part of the process.


Maryland Federation Art ; Exhibition Committee

Art Council for Anne Arundel County

Notable Exhibitions and Awards

7/2017 2 Artist Exhibition “Under One Sky” Chaney Gallery, Maryland Hall, MD

8/2016 3 Artist Exhibition “2 Carols and a Gail” Quiet Waters Garden Gallery MD

3/2016 River Gallery Juried Community Exhibition,MD

1/2016 Lowes State Office Building, Annapolis MD

12/2015 National Juried Exhibition “ Small Wonders” Honorable Mention, MdFedArt

12/2015 Annapolis Showcase Design House

5/2015 Maryland Artists Juried Exhibition “ Maryland Art @College Park” UMD

3/2015 National Juried Exhibition “Image & Imagination” Mitchell Gallery St John’s College

2/2015 Solo Exhibition “Pulsing Rythms, Views of the City” Maryland Federation of Art

1/2015  Celebrating Maryland Artists – Lowes State Office Building, Annapolis MD

6/2014  Maryland Artists Juried Exhibition “ Maryland Art @College Park” UMD

3/2014   River Gallery Juried Community Exhibition- Juror Merit Award

2/2014  6 Artists Group Exhibition “6 in the City” Circle Gallery

3/2013  River Gallery Juried Community Exhibition- 2nd Place

1/2013  Annapolis Maritime Museum –Exhibition-“The War of 1812 -The Pride of Baltimore II”

8/2012   National Juried Exhibition “Terrain” Kiernan Gallery Lexington VA.

8/2012   National Juried Exhibition “American Landscapes” Maryland Federation of Art

5/2012   National Juried Exhibition “Image & Imagination” Mitchell Gallery

4/2012   Maryland Federation Art Spring Member Show-Third Place

3/2012   River Gallery Juried Community Show – Juror’s Choice Award

12/2011  National Juried Exhibition “Small Wonders” Maryland Federation of Art

10/2011 National Juried Exhibition “Toyed With” Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO

9/2011  National Juried Exhibition ´Through Many Lenses” Adirondack Center for the Arts, NY


Best Of Show

Tamara Sigler

"Trails End"

Oil , 18" x 12"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

My paintings can be described as Western Contemporary with themes drawn from my Oklahoma, Cherokee and Catholic roots.

I find inspiration in the strong patterns and colors of Navajo weaving, with the complete image only visible through the repeated interaction of thousands of individual strands. This concept of interconnectedness, along with a tendency to focus on small scenes of symbolic elements play out in my painting.

Much of my current work includes realistic and paper crows. I enjoy exploring the textures and colors within the black feathers and white surfaces and am fascinated by the “human” attributes ascribed to these noisy and communal birds. One series explores the real and symbolic traits attributed to the crow. In another, the origami crows form contemporary compositions focused on the energy of their connected movement, within a “landscape” of textures and rug patterns.

My hope is that my paintings convey human characteristics and spirit with a contemporary approach to subject and composition that is inspired by a western tradition.


Oklahoma native, Tamara Sigler, studied art at Kansas City Art Institute and earned her BFA from Oklahoma City University. She spent much of the next eight years exploring areas of beauty in Oklahoma and in the desert Southwest and Rocky Mountain States.

Her still life “scenes” reflect the strong colors and patterns inspired by her travels, showcasing a contemporary approach to composition along with a love and respect for traditional painting technique.

Tamara is the recipient of the Native Star Award and has shown by invitation in the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s Small Works, Great Wonders Show. She has had work displayed in the Butler Museum of American Art and participated in numerous galleries and juried shows, including Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s 12×12, Heroes and Outlaws: 100 Oklahomans by 100 Oklahoma Artists, and the Rusty Gables Spring Stampede.

She was one of Spirit of the Buffalo artists, with two of her proposed designs accepted for the successful project sponsored by the Nature Conservancy in Oklahoma City. Her designs are included in The Spirit of the Buffalo, Oklahoma’s Past and Future by Linda Millier Bosteels.


Oklahoma City University    BFA   1991       Magna cum Laude GPA 3.96


2016-2017            Small Works, Great Wonders National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

2016                        Bosque Art Classic   Bosque, TX

2016                        Area Artists Midyear Show Butler Museum of American Art

2013-2015            8th, 9th and 10th Spring Stampede Juried Invitational Oklahoma City, OK

2015                        “Native Star” Award Recipient

2010                        Bona Fide: Juried Roster Artist Exhibit   ArtSpace Gallery, Shreveport, LA

2009                        Dia de los Muertos   ArtSpace Gallery,   Shreveport, LA

2002-2003            12×12 Invitational Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Oklahoma City, OK

2006-2009             Heroes and Outlaws: 100 Oklahomans by 100 Oklahoma Artists OKC, OK

2004                        Spirit of the Buffalo Nature Conservancy, Oklahoma City, OK


Rusty Gables Gallery, OKC, OK    Gallery Collection – “Still Life: In the Kitchen”

Ardmore Chamber Foundation, Ardmore, OK Wichita Landscape Buffalo

Frederick Bass & Company, Houston, TX – Native Butterflies Buffalo

Integris Hospital, OKC, OK– Children in Park, Under the Sea, and Stars Murals           

Gipson Design, OKC, OK– Carousel and Enchanted Wood Murals



Best Of Show

Ulf Koenig

"Manhattan VI - a deconstructive vision"

Wall Sculpture: wood/styrofoam/acrylic , 67" x 20.5" x 9.1"

Sale Price $7200

Artwork Description

Ulf Koenig’s wall sculpture series City’s Metamorphosis leave the impression of artistically alienated architecture models, addressing critically the rather hostile design of traditional megalopolises. Inspired by Manhattan, the artist deals with the clustered urban layout, and with the transformations from Bauhaus-functionalism, via postmodernism to deconstructivism, i.e. styles that are relevant for architecture and for art. Ulf Koenig allows himself the freedom to dream of attractive cityscapes. The visionary, more playful deconstructive concept of Manhattan VI gives rise to hope of more aesthetic cities.


Constructivist wall sculptures, in terms of strictly geometrical forms and primary colors, in addition to black and white which match or alternatively contrast to the artwork’s background, are in my focus. An additional feature is their distinctive accentuation of a three-dimensional layout. That shall stimulate observers to walk around them to experience the dynamic of the composition and the play with perspectives.

The artwork titles indicate influences of architecture and technology. I attempt to explore artistically a more subjective point of view for prosaic objects in technology and science. On the other hand, I apply just new technologies/media to find, together with music/sound, new ways of imagination and presentation for fine art, i.e. my sculptures.


I live and work as a freelance artist in the city of Ulm, Germany.

In my early life, art has played an important role, thanks to my father, an oil painter and cartoonist. He teached me in painting and lateron I made autodidactic studies in design and architecture. However, first I turned to the exact science, studied physics and electronic engineering, and worked for three decades as PhD engineer and manager in major German industrial enterprises.

I dedicated myself completely to art in 2005, with focus on sculptures. In 2014 I founded the artists group AV-SCILLS, in order to create Audio Visual SCulptural ILLusionS.

Worldwide, I have exhibited sculptures and have presented multimedia shows together with the artists group. I received art prizes and ratings, have published in several art magazines, and have edited some art videos.