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First Place

First Place

Robert Michaels

"Boy Mechanic"

Photo-based digital painting ,

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


“Photography has traditionally been used for its imitative but sometimes limited capabilities for capturing what already exists in the world. As an artist/photographer, I utilize the camera as a visual tool to create entirely new environments. Using my original photographic images as essential elements in a montage, I distort, manipulate, and reinterpret shapes, colors, and light in order to creatively explore new visual possibilities. Through this ongoing process, I visually communicate the imagery and concepts that otherwise would remain only in my mind.”


Biography/ Resume

I have been fortunate to have been a successful professional artist, photographer, graphic designer, and author for many decades now. I have specialized in high resolution Fine Art Photography and Graphic Design through COMPUTER ENHANCED IMAGING. Photography, digital photo-illustration, and fine art creation have dominated my professional career.

I have been providing professional photography since 1974 for print, advertising, and multimedia. Based now in Sedona, Arizona, I have been a photographer, artist, and graphic designer, servicing commercial clients with PHOTO-ILLUSTRATIONS for ADVERTISING, EDITORIAL, and other print work including CATALOG and MAGAZINE COVERS for international publications, brochures, and various periodicals.

Current projects involve the integration of FINE ART PAINTING and PHOTOGRAPHY through COMPUTER ENHANCED IMAGING.


Corporate clients have included among others:

National Geographic, Polaroid Corp, Hewlett-Packard, The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA, AGFA, Fujifilm USA, American Airlines, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Marriott Hotels, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Sunset Magazine, U.S. State Department, United States Air Force, Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Hotel Del Coronado, International Spy Museum, University of Southern California (USC), Personality Hotels of San Francisco, Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery, Sunset Magazine, Camera & Darkroom Magazine, UCLA, United States Postal Service, Los Angeles Zoo, Signet Scientific Corporation, Computer Artist Magazine, Photo Electronic Imaging Magazine, Rapidocolor Corporation, Management Graphics, Photo Lab Management, Fargo Electronics, Winona Schools, AAA, Mohegan Sun, Afflink, Andromeda Software, New Media Magazine, Lasermaster Corporation, AQ-Automotive Quarterly, Concours d’ Elegance (NY), etc.


Fine Art Exhibits (Partial Listing):

Los Angeles Center For Photography (special exhibit on Venice Beach, California)

Artworks Gallery, Santa Barbara, California

Mann Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Shoreline Gallery, Malibu, California

2008 Hamptons Concours D’ Elegance, New York

2008 Velocity Art in Motion- exhibit in Minnesota

2010 Harvest Northwest Exhibit, Bend, Oregon

2012 City of Sedona: exclusive exhibit as featured artist

2012 T.A.W. Tumalo/Bend, Oregon

2012 Flashback Cruz: Bend, Oregon Show (exclusive artist)

2012 Harley Davidson Classic Car Show (exclusive artist), Bend, Oregon

2012 Airport Mesa: Sedona, Arizona: Classic Car Show-exclusive artist)

Ongoing international exhibit online: Car Art, Inc. (World renowned automotive artists).

2013 SAGA “Visions of Fine Art Show”, Sedona, Arizona

2014 Exposures International Gallery, Sedona, Arizona

2014 Herberger Art Gallery-Phoenix, Arizona

Received numerous photography and fine art awards in Los Angeles County.



Award winning book published: “Shine to Rust – an Appetite for Vintage Cars and Trucks” 2005.

2014 book published “Monumental Visions-The Fusion of Old World and Contemporary Art”

Created several other fine art photography books currently in worldwide distribution (“Legions of Clay” and “Icons Among the Ruins”, etc.)

Images have appeared on the cover of over 100 magazines, catalogs, and periodicals.


Professional Memberships have included:

ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)

PMA (Photo Marketing Association-International)

Malibu Art Association

Conducted, through ASMP, Workshops for pro-photographers.

SAGA (Sedona Area Guild of Artists) Master Signature Artist



Studies include degrees in commercial art, fine art painting and photography from:

Los Angeles Art Center of Design,

University of California at Los Angeles

Otis Art Institute, Los Angles, California.

Workshops and classes with Ansel Adams.




First Place

Sarah Haig


Photography , 8" x 10"

Sale Price $150

Art Statement

Protest is a universal thing that transcends culture and language barriers. This image is from a Sunday afternoon in Poland, a holiday in an area populated by tourists. The bystanders were from several nationalities and spoke many different languages, but the idea of protest was understood by all.


Artist Biography

Sarah Haig is an artist and educator working in northwest Tennessee. Her work ranges in medium, with a continued question of how the medium can further the message within each individual piece.


First Place

Jarred Fisher

"Falling Leaves"

Silver, Gold, and Iron (Oxidized) on Paper/ Metalpoint Drawing , 12'' x 8''

Sale Price $900

Artist Statement

“Falling Leaves” actually started out as a series of compositional sketches for a larger painting. The model I happened to be working with at that time had long, red, wavy hair, and that led me to think about how I could possibly express the qualities of her hair in one my favorite mediums, metalpoint drawing, which is traditionally devoid of both color and texture.

Control over traditional metalpoint (gold, silver, platinum, ect) can be a somewhat capricious enterprise because the materials have something of a life of their own. It’s these “living qualities” of metalpoint that I prize however. That the metals oxidize and organically transform with time, that marks can’t be erased and serve as historical reminders of the mistakes that lead to a finished work are part of what make the medium so captivating to me. In trying to add ferrous metals to the equation, I found myself struggling to gain the necessary control required to create realistic works. After countless hours of experiments (including a destroyed prior version of the drawing), I ascertained how to best control the oxidizing/rusting process, how to influence the color/value of the rust, and how to not destroy the other metals used in the process.

My desire to express particular qualities of the model, which were limited by the media, compelled me to invent and experiment. “Falling Leaves” represents a theme I constantly finding myself wrestling with as an artist, marrying the traditional and classical with contemporary progress. In “Falling Leaves” this marriage led to a unique work which is pushing my endeavors in metalpoint in exciting new directions.


Art Biography

Based in Wilmington, DE, Jarred Fisher is a contemporary realist artist. He studied at Nelson Shank’s Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, PA, graduating in 2016. He also holds a degree in Fine Art from Delaware College of Art and Design in Wilmington, DE.

His work has been part of numerous juried exhibitions including shows at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia, PA, Manitou galleries in Santa Fe, NM, and Stanek Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. His work has also received various recognitions and awards.

As a firm believer in the importance of skills-based art education, Fisher also serves as an Upper School Art teacher at Doane Academy in Burlington, New Jersey as part of Studio Incamminati’s outreach program.


First Place

Christina Baal

"Dance of the Sandhill Crane"

Watercolor , 18" x 24"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement:

My life revolves around birds. They are remarkable creatures, each possessing unique physical traits, behaviors, and personality quirks. I wander the world trying to meet as many different species of birds as I can so that I can paint them. My goal is to render both the story of my own experience meeting each bird as well as the spirit of the individual bird in the painting; to that end, I only paint a bird after I have encountered it in the wild. I hope that my paintings share the personal joy I derive from watching birds and invite the viewer to delve deeper into the fascinating lives of these winged creatures.



Christina is a wandering bird artist whose life dream is to meet and then paint 10,000 different species of birds. She has always loved animals and has been drawing them since she could hold a crayon. After discovering the world of birding as a student at Bard College, she decided to dedicate her artistic practice to painting birds as a way to fuse her love of both the arts and sciences and to help teach and inspire others to discover the world of birds. After graduating in 2014, she founded her own company, “Drawing 10,000 Birds” as both a platform to promote her own art as well as the bird art of others. Since then, she has traveled across the country and across the Equator looking for birds. While not birding or painting birds, Christina works as an environmental educator, helping teach people of all ages how to experience the natural world through both scientific observation and through art.


Her work has been exhibited in recent wildlife exhibitions, including “Drawn to Nature” at the Audubon Center at Mill Grove, Pennsylvania; “Birdland and the Anthropocene” at the Peale Museum, Baltimore; and at a solo show entitled “The Universal Language of Birds” at the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery, Wyoming. Her artwork has represented the New Jersey Audubon World Series of Birding and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. She has been a featured artist at the American Birding Association, and will be the first guest artist at the New River Birding and Nature Festival this May.


First Place

Michael DeLuca

"Icarus "

Pastel on Paper , 10" x 8"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement                  

I’m interested in visual oppositions, particularly the tangible versus the intangible, the two-dimensional versus the three dimensional, and the graphic versus the atmospheric. I have been working from flat silhouettes that I cut out and mount on highly reflective paper. I place these shapes in a context out of time and illuminate them with a single strong top light. I then create drawings from them, where the process can last several days, pushing and pulling endless amounts of subtle information.

I gravitate towards shapes with specific gestures within them. The representation of motion or cause-and-effect informs my selection of silhouettes. I find them appealing in their odd and playful way, and I think of them as symbols referencing nature, but influenced by a digital world.


Michael DeLuca is a visual artist from Philadelphia, PA, currently living and working in Paoli, PA. He creates pastel drawings inspired by simple shapes of cut white paper. His shapes are minimal, cold, and static, but he uses them to create drawings that are boundless, poetic, and full of life. DeLuca composes with only a few elements (the shape, the black space, the reflection, and the ominous pool of light that surrounds it all). Ultimately his awkward, but earnest, shapes take on figurative characteristics that playfully comment on the human condition.

His work has been exhibited in recent contemporary drawing exhibitions including: “Drawing Resurfaced II” at Purdue University Galleries, “The Great Lakes Drawing Biennial” at Eastern Michigan University School of Art & Design, and “Drawn” at Manifest Gallery. His work is also scheduled to appear in Manifest Gallery’s upcoming International Drawing Publication, “INDA 12” this coming spring.

He has exhibited nationally including: Philadelphia, New York, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio. His work has appeared in New American Paintings multiple times, and he was the recipient of CFEVA’s (Center for Emerging Visual Artists) Artist Fellowship.

He currently teaches at Arcadia University where he is an Assistant Professor of Drawing in the Department of Visual & Performing Arts.

Recent Exhibitions

2018     Works On/Of Paper, BrickRed Gallery, New Orleans, LA Black & White;  Bauhaus Prairie Online Gallery  

2017      Drawing Resurfaced II, Purdue University Galleries, Lafayette, IN; Great Lakes Drawing Biennial, Eastern Michigan University School of Art and Design, MI; Drawn, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio; Black and White, Art Fusion Gallery, Palm Springs, CA; Black and White, Colors of Humanity Online Gallery  

2016      Revolutions in Making: VPA Faculty Exhibition, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, PA

2014       On the Persistence of Drawing: VPA Faculty Exhibition, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, PA

2012        Scale 1:1, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, PA

2007        Annual New Talent Show, Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2006; Emerging Artist Exhibition, Artists House Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


First Place

Steve Ember

"Summer Afternoon on the Willy-B"

Digital Editing of Photograph , 14" x 20"

Sale Price $600

Artist Statement

The many moods and motifs of New York City have long exerted a powerful attraction in my photographic activities. From the grit to the glamour, the beauty to the brawn, there is always a story to be told, and the “to-shoot” list is constantly growing.


A lifelong interest when it comes to NYC has been the city’s extensive network of subway lines, especially the elevated sections and the arterial function they serve in linking borough-to-borough, neighborhood-to-neighborhood. And when the elevated borough-to-borough connection involves a massive bridge soaring over a broad expanse of water, it becomes even more compelling for the chance to photograph the trains amidst the geometrically intricate patterns of girder-work.


Two East River spans fit that description: the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge, both massive, both intricate in their early twentieth century architecture. But after walking across both, I must give the nod to the “Willy-B,” the affectionate nickname New Yorkers have for the latter. Not that one cannot get close to the trains on both; but in comparison to its downriver mate, the Willy -B has the better sightlines for photography, both above and alongside the two tracks carrying J, M, and Z trains between Lower Manhattan and the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.


Last June was my time for getting to know the Willy-B, both at track level from the front ends of trains in both directions, and via a leisurely stroll with the cameras from Manhattan’s Lower East Side to Williamsburg, on a photo-inviting sunny Saturday afternoon.


The combination of intricate patterns of girders, the passage of trains rumbling below or beside, and the variety of fellow pedestrians made for many an interesting photo moment.


I created this impression from one such moment.


More of my NYC images can be viewed at: -Use pull-down menu under black stripe to access “New York City”



Steve Ember is a Washington-based photographer, writer, and voice actor/narrator. His areas of photography, in addition to his signature New York cityscapes and Alpine landscapes, encompass European and American motifs, including night scenes, as well as railroad and aviation subjects, and aerial photography. His work has been honored with selection in numerous juried exhibits at galleries in the greater Washington area. His photographs appear regularly at the Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland.

His photographs have appeared on covers and within magazines and corporate publications. An extensive selection of Steve’s current and legacy images can be viewed on the web site Foto-Community by clicking on the Photography button at and by visiting his catalog on 500px (link below). Steve’s work is also represented on Alamy stock.

Steve shoots both in color and black and white, including infra-red, and he remains committed to using film, alongside of digital. Alpine locations, large cities, and industrial motifs strongly appeal to his aesthetic sense. He also is attracted to the character inherent in old buildings, including in European villages. In exhibiting his work, Steve derives special pleasure in sharing with others the fruits of those otherwise private moments of looking through the viewfinder. He also shares the experience and adventures behind certain of his photographs in a series of “Photo-Moments” audio podcasts. Some of these can be heard on Steve’s SoundCloud page, linked below.

Steve’s work has been seen in solo and group shows at galleries, restaurants, and other venues in the metropolitan Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas, as well as in Annapolis, Maryland and Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. He was commissioned for a series of black and white Washington scenes for the Scitor Corp. office building along the Dulles Corridor. Three of Steve’s Manhattan impressions were purchased for the lobby of The Landmark Building in New York City. Others of his photographs are in private collections.

Steve shares his home with Scamper the Wookie Cat, a lively and very talkative little combination of tabby-stripes and bunny-rabbit white, who hops bunny-like up stairs and supervises the design and production of a line of custom printed photo greeting/note cards.

Steve Ember is available for commissions and select assignments.

Links to Steve’s work on-line: (Click on “Photography”)

First Place

Christine Meytras

"Water Like Music"

Dacron, pulleys, wire, wood , 9' 10" x 6'

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

The piece I created is called “Water Like Music” and is about the movements of water and the formation of waves in the wind. It should be read like a music partition, from top to bottom.

It is a celebration of our natural world. The mountains that surround us with their lakes and rivers, the turbulent or gentle winds that are ever present in our days and the light that gives the sky its intensity create sceneries as precious as jewels. It is this interconnection that I wanted to portray in a frame open to the elements.

Water Like Music is the anatomy of a wave forming, flattened and reorganized on wires with pulleys, so that when the wind blows and fills in the material, it, in turn, flutters and gives the illusion of moving water.

The wind and the sun are key players in my story.

I drew patterns of wave shapes and cut them from sailcloth of two different colors: white and blue. The material with its transparency and its suppleness has a beautiful softness and sheen. I added small patterns of the opposite color, reminiscent of light patterns on moving water, on each wave and sewed 50 crystal beads on the front and back of the waves. When the sun touches the beads at a special angle its light refracts and creates new light splashes on the waves. They look like the natural splashes and droplets of water in the sunlight. These light patterns can be seen through the material.

I then attached small pulleys to the Waves and threaded the wire through the pulleys before fixing the wires to a wooden frame. The Wave panels, cut a few inches longer than the wood frame’s width, move slightly back and forth on their cables in the wind, bringing to mind the notion of moving water, and in addition, the undulating sailcloth creates its own wave patterns of light and shadows on the Waves themselves.

The flow of water is also suggested by the progression of colors. It starts at the top with the first Wave being completely white, followed by three white Waves adorned with curvy blue patterns, and it finishes with two blue Waves with white patterns.

My installation Water Like Music was placed in a 9ft10 x 5ft10 metal frame, 6 feet off the ground, located on the South East side of Broadway in the town of Jackson, Wyoming.

The frame, called the Wonderspot, was carved from a chairlift tower.

Water Like Music was on display in the Wonderspot during the summer of 2017. The waves fluttered in the sky, and, at times moved in the wind like mini spinnakers.


In the long journey of creating, if one looks for landmarks, these are often found outside of the art world.

I was born and raised in France where I went to Grenoble’s Fine Art school and graduated from the University of Grenoble with a “Maîtrise” in Art History. I drew, painted and wrote as a child.

Born in the mountains I fell under their spell and travelled their worlds climbing, hiking, skiing, sailing , flying, writing and taking pictures. Their beauty shaped my eyes.

I started creating again in a more traditional way when I moved to Jackson, Wyoming.

I have participated in exhibitions. The National Art Museum of Cheyenne, Wyoming purchased one of my paintings. The outdoors sculptures I created are anchored in social events that shaped our lives or celebrate culture and the natural world.

First Place

Skye Coddington

"Living Room Corner"

Oil on panel , 24" x 18"

Sale Price $864

Artist Statement

My background in photography is photojournalism – the art of telling a story through using composition, light, aperture, and the perfect timing of the shutter. Each of my paintings begins as an act of storytelling, a photograph, capturing a moment in time through the lens of my camera.  I then translate those images through my heart onto the canvas, allowing for a more subjective articulation of my experience.

In combining my photography and painting, my work has evolved into an expression of my gratitude and enthusiasm for life as it comes, and my unique way of viewing it. In creating and sharing my work with the world I hope to help my viewers connect with the abundance of the present moment, and bring something positive into their lives.


Skye Coddington is a homeschooling mom living on the Central Coast of California with her husband, two adorable children, and a menagerie of four-legged friends.

In her final year of high school she won a full scholarship to the commercial art program in Buffalo, New York. Following that, she attended SUNY Fredonia as an art major. After a year and a half of study, she was persuaded to choose a more “sensible” career.  She switched her major to political science with the intention of becoming a lawyer (she was always told that she was incredibly skilled at arguing). Alas, she also ended up taking photography classes during the last year of college, and wound up pursuing photography internships instead of law school.  Her second internship landed her at a community newspaper in California, where she honed her photographic skills, and learned the fine art of storytelling through the lens. After several years working at the newspaper as a photojournalist, she struck out on her own and open her own photography business.  When her babies came along, she turned her energies toward motherhood and homeschooling, although she still continued to shoot and paint when she could find the time.

In 2014 Skye began working with a local artist who helped her step back onto the path of painting on a regular basis.  Using her photography skills as an integral part of her painting process, Skye paints daily at her home studio in Arroyo Grande, setting a fine example for her babes on what it means to live a life pursuing one’s dreams.

Skye’s work is currently displayed at the Academy of Dance in San Luis Obispo, California; and The Hive in Arroyo Grande, California.


First Place

Francesca Busca

"Crit Me"

paper, plastic, metal and fabric on metal , 31cm x 20cm

Sale Price $600

Artist Statement

Her goal? To provoke!

To Francesca, art has the same importance as philosophy: its ultimate purpose is to provoke something in the viewer of its time. She feels a compelling urge to convey a message to the viewer, whether a thought or a pure emotion, as strongly as her technical and creative capabilities will allow.

Torn between optimism and surrender, Francesca is haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, she believes in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through reusing, recycling and upcycling. She is fascinated by colours and textures of both artificial and natural elements, which she hunts for in everyday life and plays with in new combinations, pairing and contrasting noble material with rubbish. Her aim is to prove how rubbish is a relative definition and how it can be turned into something useful, fun and even beautiful. She thoroughly enjoys working within the ethical and material limitations which this choice entails.

She has a true passion for mosaic, as it allows the use materials of all sorts: she strives to show the beauty and significance of each material uses, in each tiny piece. She never stops learning and experimenting. She is on a mission to show the incredible – yet still quite unknown – potential of modern mosaic, as a fine art in its own right.


Artwork on view/for sale at the ex chiesa di Santa Chiara, Murano, Venice, Italy- FLUX Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art, London, July 18– “Threads“, The Artists’ Pool, Espacio Gallery, London, March 18
BowWow Haus London: designing + decorating a dog kennel, on exhibition at St Pancras,London, Jan-May18, and auctioned for charity. Profits to go to Blue Cross
– “Find Me!”, Vernice Contemporanea, Biennale Off. 57. Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, Venice, 1-29 Oct 17
-“Nasty Women UK”, Stour Space, London, 22-24 Sep17. Raising funds for End Violence Against Women
– “Now That’s What I Call Art“, Laura I. Art Gallery, Ice House Court, London, 7-23 Sept 17
– “From Rome to London“, St Lawrence Jewry, Guildhall Yard, London, 7 July – 16Sep17
FLUX Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art, London, 12-16 Jul 17
– “Threads“, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ, 4-15 Jul 17
Winner of the SOLO exhibition on Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery, 15 May-15 Jun17
– “Ode to Nature”: 4 artists’ exhibition, Chelsea Fringe, Oxford House Gallery, London, 20 May–4 Jun17
Winner at the “I’m In Heaven” Exhibition, Nature Category (3rd Place), Heaven Art Gallery, AZ,May 17
Uniqueness of Concept and Originality Award at Still Point IX, Still Point Art Gallery, May17
Winner: Best In Show, ”All Women” Competition, 3D & Mixed Media cat. (1st Place), CAGO,Apr17
– “We Need to Talk about Clothes“, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham, 22-26 April 17!
Artexpo 2017, Pier 94, NYC, 21 – 24 Apr 17
Biennale Peschiera del Garda, Caserma dell’Artiglieria, Peschiera del Garda, Italy, 31 Mar–3 Apr17
Winner at the “Abstract Art” exhibition – 3D Category (1st Place) + Winner – Overall Winner Artists Category (3rd Place) + Honourable Mention & Special Merit at the Light, Space & Time Gallery ,March 17
– “Threads“, The Artists’ Pool, Espacio Gallery, London, 1-12 March 17
MeArt – Biennale Internazionale del Mediterraneo, Palermo, Italy, 9-12 March 17
International Award “Galileo Galilei“, Pisa, Italy, 22 January 17
– “Contemporary Venice“, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, Italy, 14 Dec 2016-14 Jan 17
Spectrum 2016 with World Wide Art/Artavita, Booth 807, Miami, FL, 30 Nov – 4Dec 16
– “Oxygen – Fragmented Cities+Identities“, J. Jurado Art Studio, Bogota’, Colombia, 19 Nov-19 Dec 16
Art San Diego 2016, Balboa Park Activity Center, San Diego, CA, 3-6 Nov 16
Overall winner at the “Open No Theme 3D & Mixed Media” exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery,Nov 16
Overall Winner of the “Spotlight Solo Art Contest”, International Gallery of the Arts, 15 Oct-15 Dec 16
– “Leave/Remain” exhibition, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 25 – 30 Oct 16
– “Future Landscapes” exhibition, Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy, 6 Oct – 27 Nov 16
– “Frida Kahlo – Lust for Life” exhibition, Menier Gallery, London, 4 – 31 Aug 16

– Featured in Still Point Art Quarterly, Summer 2017
– Featured interview on Artsy Shark, May 17
– Featured as Artist in the Spotlight at the Flux Exhibition on The Gallery Guide, May 17
– Featured on ArtWeek, May 1
– Featured on Artsy, May 17
– Featured Interview on ItsLiquid, May 17
– Artwork selected as Header Image for Curator Space (“Materia 1, 2, 3” – coming soon)
– Featured in Art International Contemporary Magazine, January/February 17
Interview and artwork featured in Art Reveal Magazine, issue 23, Dec 16
Interview and artwork featured in Exquisite Arts Magazine, issue 3, Nov 2016

First Place

Ilona Benzel

"Cluster Orchids"

Multi-Media (Alcohol inks, Luminaire, acrylics) , 11" x 14"

Sale Price $300

Artist Statement

As an artist I don’t do repetitive art. I try new mediums, add & subtract, bring change to my art and grow with it and from it. Acceptance and excitement doesn’t come from banality; it comes from an open creative mind and soul.

I went through an artistic metamorphous as my life changed in 2005 after losing my husband of 26 yrs and 3 beloved German shepherds. I moved to FL from NH and re-emerged from oils to acrylics to multi-media with inks.

Artists Biography & Resume

The artist, Lonnie, has painted and drawn since first influenced by her aunt Geraldine whose dining room was a painting area. Gerry often gave her a canvas and let her paint by her side.

Lonnie began painting oils in NH where she grew up and lived but abrupt changes in her life allowed her to move to FL in 2007 where she found oils too cumbersome and traditional they frustrated her.  She began using acrylics until she took an alcohol ink class and has since been in love with the multi-media (inks, Luminaire and acrylics). Alcohol ink paintings are intriguing, bright, colorful and spontaneous. They are fluid and take awhile to learn control. This challenge sparked a fire in her to work again.

In her 30s she attended a local art college, Notre Dame in NH. Her BA is in commercial art but she was well into fine art classes to balance her knowledge.  She spent 30+ years in print shops or newspapers working for the state of NH’s 2nd largest daily newspaper, The Concord Monitor. She was a paste up artist and ad designer. She accepted a job at a state run college, NHTI (New Hampshire Technical Institute), in Concord and was the sole artist doing all materials, folders, announcements, brochures and redesigned the college catalogue turning it from a black and white nightmare to a piece of fine artwork that was never seen on that level at the college before.She spent her spare time designing logos for local businesses (Omni Services, RockTech, Aesthetic Dental, Capital Well, East Coast Metal, `Bianco Prof. Assn, Maine Drilling and more).

She is also the sole author of 4 self-published novels: Night Predators, Deadly Magic, Backyard Dog, Lions, Elephants & Bears-by alias PK Foster (her 1st yr of being Animal Control Officer for the Weare, NH PD) all sold on Amazon and other markets.