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Fourth Place

Fourth Place

Kristi Richter

"Disparate Horns"

Acrylics , 11" x14"

Sale Price $1000

Artist Biography


Kristi was born and grew up in Chicago and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.  Art has always been a priority, and she owes her zealous interest due to her grandfather, who was a professional commercial artist and had a studio in Chicago.  Her mother was also an artist, so she inherited talent from both sides of the family.

She had always been interested in art as far back as grade school and art teachers paid special attention to her, encouraging her to develop her natural abilities.  As a youngster, she never purchased store bought cards but always created cards for her parent’s birthdays and other special holiday occasions, and she was always designing comic books.

Kristi followed an art curriculum through high school, but it was when she attended The American Academy of Art and Chicago Academy of Fine Arts respectively, that she really started to understand her potential and how to express it.  Her studies introduced her to the many facets of art such as advertising, illustration, calligraphy, photography, scratchboard, abstract, design, charcoal drawing with live models, and color schemes.  Over time, she was able to recognize her weaknesses and sought ways to improve them, and she solidified her strengths.

Kristi believes a bona fide artist is capable of rendering any initiative and she occasionally undertakes endeavors that do not include animals, which are her passion and forte.  Her goal is to capture her subject’s expression, colors, hair, and fur consistencies which can sometimes present a very complex challenge.

Kristi’s favorite medium is acrylics because they blend easily, dry quickly and the colors are opulent and vibrant.  Most of her work is done in acrylics and has included pet portraits, posters and advertisements that are animal-related.  She has also written and illustrated a children’s book about a dog which she would like to publish.

Second to none is scratchboard which she found particularly challenging because of the complexity of animal fur textures.  She views scratchboard as being a very meticulous medium because there is very little room for mistakes, but because of this, the end result is gratifying, and it is her scratchboards that have won first place in several art competitions.

Kristi’s definitive objective is to start a business exclusively doing pet portraits or a favorite wildlife creature rendered in acrylics, scratchboard, watercolor, abstract, and cartoon.  She has designed a business card and advertising poster and her logo is “Kristi’s Kritters”.

Fourth Place

Les Schmidt

"Fire Tree"

Archival pigment print , 18" x27"

Sale Price $1,150

Artist Statement

I took this photograph off the highway at sunset in rural Louisiana. Something struck me about this lone country tree flanked by a tiny fire hydrant. It’s as if the pump knows it has one job, and that’s to stay by the tree’s side and help protect it.


Les Schmidt (b. 1960 New Brunswick, NJ)
Attended the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts from 2003-2004.
He has exhibited extensively in the US including Los Angeles, CA; Naples, FL; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Cooperstown, NY and Johnson City, TX and internationally in Budapest, Hungary and Crete, Greece.
He’s been a twice selected finalist for Naples Art Association’s Camera USA® National Photography Award (2016, 2017) as well as being curated into recent national exhibitions held at the Huntsville Museum of Art, Masur Museum of Art and Attleboro Arts Museum.
Les Schmidt works and resides in New Orleans, LA.


Choice 2019  Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, Atlanta, GA


Snap to Grid  Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
Chania International Photo Festival  Blank Wall Gallery, Grand Arsenali, Crete, Greece
St Tammany Art Association: 53rd National Juried Exhibition  Miriam Baranger Gallery, Covington, LA
Monochrome: Juried International Photography Exhibition  PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Urban Landscapes  1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Still Life  A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX


Snap to Grid  Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
I’ll Be Your Mirror: The Portrait  1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
STORM  Solo Exhibition, Guy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA
Atlanta Celebrates Photography: Photo Buckhead  Buckhead Library, Atlanta, GA
Someone/Someplace: Figures, Portraits & Landscapes  Western Bureau Arts, San Jose, CA
Street Photography: Juried International Photography Exhibition  PH 21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Cooperstown Art Association: 82nd Annual National Exhibition CAA Village Building, Cooperstown, NY
The Red Clay Survey: 2017 Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art  Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL
St Tammany Art Association: 52nd National Juried Exhibition  STAA Art House, Covington, LA
RECOLLECTIONS: A Community Photography Project  New Orleans Photo Alliance, New Orleans, LA
It’s a Sign: The Medium is the Message  1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Camera USA® 2017: National Photography Exhibition  The von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL
Line – 2017 National Juried Exhibition  Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA
Masur Museum of Art: 54th Annual Juried Competition  Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA


New Beginnings: Insight Photography Show  Rail Yard Studios, Nashville, TN
Highway 90: Beyond the Rigolets  Solo Exhibition, Guy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA
Abstracted  Mpls Photo Center, Minneapolis, MN
Portraiture: Photography Now  Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR
THINGS: a still life show  5 Press Gallery, New Orleans, LA
ARTifact  Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT
Fishing for Iconography 2  A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
Camera USA® USA 2016: National Photography Exhibition  The von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL


Dorothy Jean  Solo Exhibition, Guy Lyman Fine Art, New Orleans, LA

Fourth Place

Marin Burnett

"We Were Seeds"

Soft Pastels & Ink , 12"x 16"

Sale Price $400

Artist statement

“We Were Seeds…” is the first of a series of fantasy portraits dedicated to depicting both a likeness and the inspiration for the fantastical element. A Mexican Proverb reads, “When they buried us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” In today’s society, the assault on bodies of color is palpable and real. Our society has always known the meaning of this proverb, but its prescience is shameful. This portrait represents hope.

The wind blows through the little girls kinky hair and seeds blow from her like a dandelion. She is the representation of that proverb. She is the hope that keeps the seeds from springing up, even from being pushed into the soil. One cannot separate her from the words that inspired her.

Artist Bio

Marin Burnett, a native of New York and transplant to the Pacific Northwest, is a self-taught artist specializing in the human face and form.

Marin starting painting just after college as a form of escape and catharsis. What started as a casual hobby quickly became a passion and something that she dedicates her free time to on a daily basis. Marin works mainly in soft pastels and charcoal and works with bespoke handmade surfaces to ensure that the uniqueness of the individual and their story should be honored by the surface that holds their likeness.

Marin’s work has been featured at the Amber Tree Gallery in Washington, DC, the State House of Representatives in Maryland as well as the Hillman City Collaboratory in Seattle, WA. When she is not a consultant in her new Seattle home, or spending time with her husband and son, she is in her home studio working on prints or commissions to keep her sanity

Fourth Place

Elite Shaier

"Never The Less"

Clay , 12.5" x 10" x 5.5"

Sale Price $140


My name is Elite Shaier and I’m a self-taught artist.

I sculpt in clay and use other materials such as paper, rocks, pine cones.

I’m an author of short stories (two of which were published), a poet (one of which is being published), and a teacher of social studies (MA) and Hebrew.

Researched the Native American’s Sun Dance in the University of Bar Ilan.

I live in GA with one husband and two Great Pyrenees dogs (from shelters, of course).

I love desserts, art, animals and good people, not necessarily in that order.

Fourth Place

Stephen J Daly

"CONSTRUCT (radio)"

ink on paper , 20 " x 27 1/2"

Sale Price $1800


Creative Statement

CONSTRUCT (radio) is one of several drawings I group as SIGNALS which reference abstract and symbolic images used in communication such as STEM or musical notations. I have also long enjoyed calligraphy. Letter forms do not have to be understood to have a point of view either compositionally or in terms of content.

I used black and white in this piece to add a mechanical feel which may look like electrical or wi-fi waves shooting across space. Loud and soft lines make tones.

As these waves are invisible in real life the presence here reminded me of a radio signal…thus the (radio) in the title.


The formative years for me artistically were those spent in undergraduate and graduate studies at San Jose State University and Cranbrook Academy of Art, respectively. San Jose State University had a very active art department and was close enough to the San Francisco Bay Area to allow plenty of museum, gallery, and studio visits. My struggle during this period was to find a medium I liked and determine what my artistic voice was to be. In San Jose, and again at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, I explored the mysteries of metal casting and found a formal and visual language in a machine/man, machine/animal synthesis much expanded and grounded a few years later during a two-year grant period (on the Prix de Rome) at the American Academy in Rome where I could work, look and think, all the time.

My first teaching position at the University of Minnesota was followed by almost a decade at Humboldt State Univ. in Northern California (less the 2 years in Rome) central Texas. The move to Texas, to fill a position in sculpture at the University, saw the introduction of a distinctly figurative element in my sculpture and the beginning of drawing as an art form (as opposed to sketches for sculpture). The concepts of “situational” work and of “particulated” imagery (many independent forms working as a whole) continue today. Ideas swirl around how we communicate with each other and with the natural world.


Fourth Place

Howard Harris

"Mt Evans Stream"

Sublimation Print on Aluminum and Acrylic , 30" x 36"

Sale Price $2900

Artist Statement

Mt Evans is a 14,271-foot high mountain, where one might encounter snow in June. Just a few hundred feet below the summit in what is described as the southernmost area of arctic tundra, I was finally able to catch the magic which has charmed me for years.

Artist Biography

A Denver native, Mr. Harris has lived and worked in Kansas City, New York and Boston before returning to Denver.  Mr. Harris is now focusing on dimensional photographic fine art.  Harris’s exploration of dimensional photography began in the early 70’s showing his works in New York and Kansas City.  Harris now uses his patented process to create photographic constructions using a single, often abstracted image layered over itself on clear acrylic surfaces and superimposed on a subtle grid.  Harris holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute and a Master of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute with additional studies in Economics and Computer Sciences from the University of Missouri, Sublimation Color Research from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Fourth Place

Gaylord Mink


Digital art ,

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement:

Last August I attended an outdoor dinner where one of the speakers was a local cowboy author who wore a large cowboy hat. While he told cowboy tales he set his hat on a nearby table not far from a small light bulb. As he spoke I adjusted my Sony camera and took a shot of the hat in the subdued light. The photo image was adjusted in Photo Brush-5 using Topaz Impressions app.

Artist Biography:

Gaylord Mink began his “artistic” life as a photographer when he retired after 40 years as a research scientist. He began this afterlife as a free-lance wildlife videographer where he concentrated on the movement and behavior of the wild subjects. Later he expanded to digital still photography where he now attempts to tell visual stories about the subject’s behavior. Recently he is focusing on incorporating light and texture as principle subjects in his work, most of which still centers around wildlife and natural things. Occasionally, however, he attempts surreptitious shots such as this one.


Fourth Place

Laicee Blackwell

"Daily Meds"

Mixed Media , 8" x 12"

Sale Price $350

Artist Statement


I am interested in creating mixed media pieces that investigate the human experience and condition, often using the figure itself.

My work often includes figurative imagery. I explore human emotions and issues at micro and macro scales. My work explores how individuals react to emotional events. I also think about larger groups and the dynamics of how crowds react to highly charged events. In The Queens Identity, I explored the identity of an individual who was hiding an interior self and finally taking a step out. Following a similar theme, Coming Out is a piece about the different experiences people have when coming out. The varied experience of people are represented by the hands and how they interact with the strings. I also use my art to consider moral, ethical, and religious issues, such as in my piece When is it a Baby?, which is about abortion.

I use a wide range of media. I will often begin with a medium and build an idea around it. Also, I use unexpected materials at times, such as baby doll parts like in When is it a Baby?, used CO2 canisters, an old plastic wonder horse, and empty bags of Starbucks coffee.




EDUCATION:    University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN

Bachelor of Science in Studio Art

Sculpture Emphasis – 2018



ACTIVITIES:   Member of Ball State Student Government – 2014-15

Executive Member Hall Council Ball State – 2014-15

Member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha – 2014-15

Dean’s List – 2015, 2016

Zutt Scholarship recipient – 2016

Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award — 2018


EXHIBITIONS:   Ball State Student Show – Juried – 2015

USI Senior Exhibition – Juried – 2017

Peephole Student Showcase – Invitational – 2017

Off the Wall – New Harmony Contemporary Gallery – Open – 2017

USI Student Art Show – Juried – 2017

Parklane Gallery 26th Annual International Miniature Show – Juried – 2018

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana Arts Awards – invintational – 2018

Fourth Place

Tatiana Dzhus

"Pierre Richard"

Pencil on paper , 34" x 32"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


My name is Tatiana Dzhus. My surname in Russian sounds like “Juice”, so I chose my own pseudonym “Tatyana Juice”. I live and work in Russia, in St. Petersburg. I graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and architecture Repin (drawing classes).

My drawing,“Pierre Richard,”  is based on favorite actors and films through the eyes of the artist. I wanted the drawing to convey to the audience the wonderful play of the great actor Pierre Richard and to share the wonderful emotions that are present in all the films with Pierre Richard.




I am a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and of the International Union of Artists. I work in various techniques and genres. The nature of nature in a realistic manner of performance and portrait genre are the closest to me.

I am a repeated finalist and winner of the international contest “Portretisto.The great masters of the portrait”. I am the winner of the international competition “THE BEST ARTISTS OF 2017 – AMERICAN ART AWARDS. ” As an artist I am inspired by nature, cinema, theater, literature and of course the person himself. It is important for me to convey to my viewers the vision of this world, to try to convey the nature of man, his deep essence, emotions. My works are in private collections at home and abroad.








Fourth Place

Ralph Garafola

"Girl Washing Dog"

Oil on Canvas , 20" x 24"

Sale Price $3500

Artist Statement

Ralph Garafola has made a living as a commercial illustrator and fine artist for more than 65 years and brings his style of contemporary realism to his oil and watercolor paintings of portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life and animals/pets. He travels throughout the Southern United States, Italy, England and France in search of new subjects and locations for future paintings while studying the works of the Old Masters.
“All my paintings are portraits. Whether my subject is a person, landscape, seascape, still life or pet, my approach is to portray my subject in its natural environment. It puts the viewer inside the painting. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.” – Ralph Garafola



Ralph Garafola critically acclaimed artist, educator and author was raised in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. He and his family moved to New Jersey in 1964 and since 2001 spend the winters in Florida. Garafola started his career as a draftsman in New York City for Armor Engineering.

Later Garafola worked for Design Service in Newark, NJ as an illustrator producing government-training manuals for the Armed Forces. Afterwards he was promoted to Art Director. He worked there until he was drafted in 1953. Subsequently he studied drawing at The Alliance Art School (Educational Alliance) in lower Manhattan at night.

Garafola, a Korean War veteran was in the army for two years as Army Combat Photographer MOS. He studied at Fort Monmouth New Jersey Army photo school; graduated and transferred to the Pictorial Center, Long Island City as a photographer making training films for the army. While stationed in Korea Garafola was a draftsman. He was discharged in 1955.

Back in New York, Garafola studied at the Art Students League of New York over seven years with Frank J. Reilly. He served as class monitor to Reilly, who was an instructor at the League and Commissioner of Art for New York City.

Garafola worked at Janal Studio in Newark as a commercial illustrator. At that juncture he then went out on his own and for more than 65 years he made a successful living as a self-employed commercial illustrator, photo retoucher and fine artist. Garafola retired as a commercial illustrator and continued painting. He brings his style of contemporary realism to his oil and watercolor paintings of portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life and pets. Garafola travels throughout southeastern United States plein air painting and Italy, France in search of new subjects and locations for future paintings while studying the works of the Old Masters.

At 70 years of age started teaching at the duCret School of Art, Plainfield, NJ and in Florida at the Sarasota Art Center, Longboat Key – Ringling College of Art and Design, the Art Center Manatee and Art Expressions by the Bay in Sarasota. Garafola also has students he tutors privately.


Current Work/Projects

Garafola’s portraits and still life capture the personality and character of his subjects while his landscapes and seascapes capture the mood of the scenes. Garafola says, “All my paintings are portraits. Whether my subject is a person, landscape, seascape or still life, my approach is to portray my subject in its natural environment. It puts the viewer inside the painting. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.”

Garafola’s first published book “Frank J. Reilly – The Elements of Painting” reveals Reilly’s theory of what one needs to know about painting, as taught to Garafola. Frank J. Reilly was an American painter, illustrator, muralist and teacher. Reilly served as the Commissioner of Art for New York City. Ralph Garafola studied at the Art Students League of New York over seven years, where he served as Reilly’s class monitor.

“To succeed in the realm of graphic arts, like dancing and playing music, one must acquire knowledge. By practicing and applying that knowledge, one becomes skillful. It was Reilly’s logical application that was the basis for developing my craft. After 65 successful years I have never found a reason to change methodology he taught me. I owe him my sincere gratitude. Now, through this book, I share it with you” says Garafola.

Now Garafola is working on a second book, “Frank J. Reilly – Outdoor Painting” publication is scheduled for the end of 2017.

“The Price of Liberty & Freedom” A Commemorative Painting for Honoring Your Personal Hero was painted by Garafola as a dedication to the ultimate sacrifice made by our heroes so we can continue living with the freedoms we have in our nation. Ralph Garafola a veteran of the Korean War, long believed our heroes can be honored with more than a photo on a mantle or bureau. He created this unique painting in which a photograph of your personal hero is inserted into the composition – creating a beautiful, commemorative work of art that truly honors them and their sacrifice.

Garafola designed and directed the building of the 911 Memorial that stands in front of the Warren Township Municipal building in New Jersey.