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Fourth Place

Fourth Place

Gaylord Mink


Digital art ,

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement:

Last August I attended an outdoor dinner where one of the speakers was a local cowboy author who wore a large cowboy hat. While he told cowboy tales he set his hat on a nearby table not far from a small light bulb. As he spoke I adjusted my Sony camera and took a shot of the hat in the subdued light. The photo image was adjusted in Photo Brush-5 using Topaz Impressions app.

Artist Biography:

Gaylord Mink began his “artistic” life as a photographer when he retired after 40 years as a research scientist. He began this afterlife as a free-lance wildlife videographer where he concentrated on the movement and behavior of the wild subjects. Later he expanded to digital still photography where he now attempts to tell visual stories about the subject’s behavior. Recently he is focusing on incorporating light and texture as principle subjects in his work, most of which still centers around wildlife and natural things. Occasionally, however, he attempts surreptitious shots such as this one.


Fourth Place

Laicee Blackwell

"Daily Meds"

Mixed Media , 8" x 12"

Sale Price $350

Artist Statement


I am interested in creating mixed media pieces that investigate the human experience and condition, often using the figure itself.

My work often includes figurative imagery. I explore human emotions and issues at micro and macro scales. My work explores how individuals react to emotional events. I also think about larger groups and the dynamics of how crowds react to highly charged events. In The Queens Identity, I explored the identity of an individual who was hiding an interior self and finally taking a step out. Following a similar theme, Coming Out is a piece about the different experiences people have when coming out. The varied experience of people are represented by the hands and how they interact with the strings. I also use my art to consider moral, ethical, and religious issues, such as in my piece When is it a Baby?, which is about abortion.

I use a wide range of media. I will often begin with a medium and build an idea around it. Also, I use unexpected materials at times, such as baby doll parts like in When is it a Baby?, used CO2 canisters, an old plastic wonder horse, and empty bags of Starbucks coffee.




EDUCATION:    University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN

Bachelor of Science in Studio Art

Sculpture Emphasis – 2018



ACTIVITIES:   Member of Ball State Student Government – 2014-15

Executive Member Hall Council Ball State – 2014-15

Member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha – 2014-15

Dean’s List – 2015, 2016

Zutt Scholarship recipient – 2016

Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award — 2018


EXHIBITIONS:   Ball State Student Show – Juried – 2015

USI Senior Exhibition – Juried – 2017

Peephole Student Showcase – Invitational – 2017

Off the Wall – New Harmony Contemporary Gallery – Open – 2017

USI Student Art Show – Juried – 2017

Parklane Gallery 26th Annual International Miniature Show – Juried – 2018

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana Arts Awards – invintational – 2018

Fourth Place

Tatiana Dzhus

"Pierre Richard"

Pencil on paper , 34" x 32"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


My name is Tatiana Dzhus. My surname in Russian sounds like “Juice”, so I chose my own pseudonym “Tatyana Juice”. I live and work in Russia, in St. Petersburg. I graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and architecture Repin (drawing classes).

My drawing,“Pierre Richard,”  is based on favorite actors and films through the eyes of the artist. I wanted the drawing to convey to the audience the wonderful play of the great actor Pierre Richard and to share the wonderful emotions that are present in all the films with Pierre Richard.




I am a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and of the International Union of Artists. I work in various techniques and genres. The nature of nature in a realistic manner of performance and portrait genre are the closest to me.

I am a repeated finalist and winner of the international contest “Portretisto.The great masters of the portrait”. I am the winner of the international competition “THE BEST ARTISTS OF 2017 – AMERICAN ART AWARDS. ” As an artist I am inspired by nature, cinema, theater, literature and of course the person himself. It is important for me to convey to my viewers the vision of this world, to try to convey the nature of man, his deep essence, emotions. My works are in private collections at home and abroad.








Fourth Place

Ralph Garafola

"Girl Washing Dog"

Oil on Canvas , 20" x 24"

Sale Price $3500

Artist Statement

Ralph Garafola has made a living as a commercial illustrator and fine artist for more than 65 years and brings his style of contemporary realism to his oil and watercolor paintings of portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life and animals/pets. He travels throughout the Southern United States, Italy, England and France in search of new subjects and locations for future paintings while studying the works of the Old Masters.
“All my paintings are portraits. Whether my subject is a person, landscape, seascape, still life or pet, my approach is to portray my subject in its natural environment. It puts the viewer inside the painting. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.” – Ralph Garafola



Ralph Garafola critically acclaimed artist, educator and author was raised in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. He and his family moved to New Jersey in 1964 and since 2001 spend the winters in Florida. Garafola started his career as a draftsman in New York City for Armor Engineering.

Later Garafola worked for Design Service in Newark, NJ as an illustrator producing government-training manuals for the Armed Forces. Afterwards he was promoted to Art Director. He worked there until he was drafted in 1953. Subsequently he studied drawing at The Alliance Art School (Educational Alliance) in lower Manhattan at night.

Garafola, a Korean War veteran was in the army for two years as Army Combat Photographer MOS. He studied at Fort Monmouth New Jersey Army photo school; graduated and transferred to the Pictorial Center, Long Island City as a photographer making training films for the army. While stationed in Korea Garafola was a draftsman. He was discharged in 1955.

Back in New York, Garafola studied at the Art Students League of New York over seven years with Frank J. Reilly. He served as class monitor to Reilly, who was an instructor at the League and Commissioner of Art for New York City.

Garafola worked at Janal Studio in Newark as a commercial illustrator. At that juncture he then went out on his own and for more than 65 years he made a successful living as a self-employed commercial illustrator, photo retoucher and fine artist. Garafola retired as a commercial illustrator and continued painting. He brings his style of contemporary realism to his oil and watercolor paintings of portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life and pets. Garafola travels throughout southeastern United States plein air painting and Italy, France in search of new subjects and locations for future paintings while studying the works of the Old Masters.

At 70 years of age started teaching at the duCret School of Art, Plainfield, NJ and in Florida at the Sarasota Art Center, Longboat Key – Ringling College of Art and Design, the Art Center Manatee and Art Expressions by the Bay in Sarasota. Garafola also has students he tutors privately.


Current Work/Projects

Garafola’s portraits and still life capture the personality and character of his subjects while his landscapes and seascapes capture the mood of the scenes. Garafola says, “All my paintings are portraits. Whether my subject is a person, landscape, seascape or still life, my approach is to portray my subject in its natural environment. It puts the viewer inside the painting. My paintings realistically depict what nature has created.”

Garafola’s first published book “Frank J. Reilly – The Elements of Painting” reveals Reilly’s theory of what one needs to know about painting, as taught to Garafola. Frank J. Reilly was an American painter, illustrator, muralist and teacher. Reilly served as the Commissioner of Art for New York City. Ralph Garafola studied at the Art Students League of New York over seven years, where he served as Reilly’s class monitor.

“To succeed in the realm of graphic arts, like dancing and playing music, one must acquire knowledge. By practicing and applying that knowledge, one becomes skillful. It was Reilly’s logical application that was the basis for developing my craft. After 65 successful years I have never found a reason to change methodology he taught me. I owe him my sincere gratitude. Now, through this book, I share it with you” says Garafola.

Now Garafola is working on a second book, “Frank J. Reilly – Outdoor Painting” publication is scheduled for the end of 2017.

“The Price of Liberty & Freedom” A Commemorative Painting for Honoring Your Personal Hero was painted by Garafola as a dedication to the ultimate sacrifice made by our heroes so we can continue living with the freedoms we have in our nation. Ralph Garafola a veteran of the Korean War, long believed our heroes can be honored with more than a photo on a mantle or bureau. He created this unique painting in which a photograph of your personal hero is inserted into the composition – creating a beautiful, commemorative work of art that truly honors them and their sacrifice.

Garafola designed and directed the building of the 911 Memorial that stands in front of the Warren Township Municipal building in New Jersey.

Fourth Place

Anthony J Parillo

"Jones Beach"

Graphite, graphite powder , 40" x 70"

Sale Price $2500

Artist’s Statement

I’ve loved drawing from the figure all my life or at least since art school in the 1970s. Last summer I decided to experiment with some larger pieces, working from a 40-inch-wide roll of Strathmore Drawing paper. I wanted to loosen up and try to achieve a feeling of spontaneity. A day at Jones Beach in New York provided the perfect subject. During the hot summer months a narrow strip of the Earth a few hundred yards wide and several miles long is jammed with tens of thousands of human beings. Walking the length of the beach there are scores of languages and even more skin colors. Everyone is as close to being naked as legally possible and there are no inhibitions. It’s a scene of teeming, scrambling children, adults trying haplessly to keep track of them, then giving up and behaving like them. There are intimate couples threading quietly through whole extended families and solitary individuals just contemplating the pounding surf. And I guess that could be me right there in the middle, taking everything in. All under the hazy disk of the sweltering sun. Getting a sense of all that movement and sound made looseness and spontaneity virtually unavoidable. This was easily the most fun drawing I’ve ever done.

Exhibits and Awards

5/18    The Figure, Group Show, Bauhaus Prairie Online Gallery* 4th Place Award
11/16   Colleagues and Friends Bruce Waldman Group ShowMehu Gallery, NYC
11/12   Art of Democracy Group Show, American Society of Etchers Sacred Gallery, NYC
03/12  Weather or Not Art on the Pier Group Show, NCECA National Conference, Seattle WA
06/11   International Exhibition of Contemporary Works on Paper Group Show NYCoo Gallery, NYC
11/10   Paths to Peace Invitational Group Show, Paramount Theater, Peekskill, NY

10/10   Faced Solo show — ceramics and prints, Flat Iron Gallery, Peekskill, NY
06/05   Theatrics Solo show — ceramics, Flat Iron Gallery, Peekskill, NY
05/03   Works on Paper Solo show — Drawings and Watercolors, Harrison Public Library, Harrison, NY
05/02   Juried Non-Members Show Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
04/02   Annual Juried Show New Haven Paint and Clay Club New Haven, CT
02/02   Invitational Teapot Show Flat Iron Gallery, Peekskill, NY
04/01   Annual Juried Show Kent Art Association, Kent, CT * Winner, Best Drawing in Show
02/01   Wall art for Story Pots show of ceramics Flat Iron Gallery, Peekskill, NY

12/00  Annual Juried Show Belle Levine Art Center, Mahopac, NY, Publications
Fall/12 Inkwell Journa  Cover illustration
06/05  Ceramics Monthly magazine Upfront
10/98  Wrote and illustrated Michelangelo’s Surprise Childrens picture book published by Farrar Straus Giroux, NYC
11/98 Booklist Magazine

Fourth Place

Hsuan Chang

"Snail bracelets"

copper, brass and resin , 3" x 3.5" x 1.5"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

I have always liked how jewelry can be represented on the body, but I have always felt that I can influence the perception of how people look at jewelry on the human form. Recently, I have been influenced by the style of Baroque art. I use baroque styling to convey my feminine ideas and emotions throughout my art. Some of the design elements of the Baroque period had a delicacy and richness that allow me to present my strong feminine feelings. Yet, another aspect of my art can be personally drawn to the abstract representation of flora and fauna due to myself growing up in an environment near the mountains. These inspirations that I choose to show, allow me as an artist to represent my inner most thoughts. This personal insight continues to motivate me to keep pushing the idea of how jewelry can be represented on the body.



Hsuan Chang (Eva) is a professional metal arts jewelry designer who was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1993. In 2013, she decided to leave her country to expand her creativity by immersing herself in Western culture. She started by going to the New Westminster Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada. After that, she earned a Graduate Gemologist Certificate from Gemologist Institute of America, Carlsbad, CA. Finally she received her BFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA in 2018. While she was there, she was selected three times to participate in the annual juried spring show.


Fourth Place

Monique Wright - Peace

"Peace "

Photography , 10" X 13"

Sale Price $190

Artist Statement

My work entitled Peace will hopefully evoke a quiet calm. The tree’s proportions captured my eye immediately with its massive span of branches, the lake as its backdrop and a single bench in front of it. I would like the viewers to transport themselves into this perfect fall day, sitting on the bench, reflecting on life and having peace.


I purchased my very first professional camera about six years ago. I was in between jobs and needed to think quickly of what I was going to do to supplement my income. I picked up the camera then and have not put it down since. Photography has developed into an overwhelming love and passion of mine. I look through my lens with a new set of eyes viewing and framing the world. I see beauty in everything – from broken windows in an abandoned house to a white swan in a lake. I specialize in black and white photos with just a “pop” of color enhancement. However, my portfolio is vast, as my shots consists of nature, landscapes and people.

Fourth Place

Howard Harris

"King Fisher"

Digital Print on Alunimum , 30" x 36"

Sale Price $2900

Artist Statement

Visual reality is an ever-shifting, highly individualized experience. In any given moment, what we see reflects both our inner state and a synthesis of outer qualities—light, color, movement, space. My exploration in dimensional photographic art represents an attempt to recreate the perceptual experience, with its dynamic nature and hidden complexities. In my patented process I use photographic constructions, a single, often abstracted image is layered over itself on clear acrylic surfaces and superimposed on a subtle grid. The resulting visual phenomenon infuses the image with a sense of dimensionality and fluidity affected by such changes as the angle of viewing and light. The enhanced visual experience Yet perceptual mechanics are only part of the equation. Equally essential are universal principles of design that produce qualities we perceive as beauty. This is my aim: to skillfully combine technology and aesthetics in a way that expands the viewer’s experience of photographic art.



Howard studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and Pratt Institute. He shows throughout the US and is represented by galleries in Chelsea New York, Santa Fe NM and Lisbon Portugal. Harris gives his images a sculptural effect, layering the work using clear acrylic surfaces superimposed with a subtle grid. The images gain dimension and the viewing experience shifts depending on the angle. The process Harris uses was granted a United States Patent, affirming the uniqueness and inventiveness of his works.

Harris has been honored with being on the board of Trustees at the Kansas City Art Institute, Who’s Who Worldwide Lifetime Achievement, Small Business Person of the Year – U.S. Small Business Administration, Design Professional of the Year in the Presidential Who’s Who Marketing, National Association of Print Leadership – Board of Trustees and the Printing Industries Association, Rocky Mountains – Board of Directors.

Fourth Place

Darko Stanic

"Writing in the Salt"

Iron construction, wood, salt , 408 x 160cm

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

 Perhaps you would like me to tell you a fairy tale with a happy end,
to draw you a false sun on the cloudy skies of everyday life?

I would rob you of reality then!
I would rob you of truth then!
I would rob you of art then!

Short Biography

 Darko Stanic was born in 1978 in Sarajevo. He graduated from the (Secondary) School for Applied Arts in 1997 in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Sculpture, in 2002 as the valedictorian of his class. He received his MFA in 2008. He has been member of the BH Association of Fine Artists (ULUBIH) since 2002. He is currently teaching at the Department of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. He is an awarded artist who participated in international biennials, arts festivals, and exhibited independently and with other artists.


Fourth Place

Irina Kladova

"Cowell Beach, 2016, USA"

Watercolor , 60.2 x 44.5 cm

Sale Price $400

Artist Statement

My works are result of my watching. Sometimes a lot of time can be spent, because I like analyzing colors and shapes in around. I prefer to find a simplest form of complex things, similarity and differences. I try to recreate a story from sketches and  impressions. This story which can show the current of time. The ideal way to impress from emotions and thoughts is watercolor painting. A watercolor painting adds unpredictability and transience to my works.

I am an artist with ecology-geographic education. I had studied in private art school “Zelenaya Palitra” (the name can be translated as green palette) in small siberian town Tomsk. My teachers are all members one family and grew up in siberia: Marina Ruman, Mariya Gubina and Elizavetha Ruman. Also I had attended classes of academy figure in Tomsk state university and Boris Pertsev’s (Tomsk watercolor artist) watercolor master classes. I had been teaching drawing for kids in Montessori kindergarten and took a part in exhibitions of still life, landscape in different mediums, including watercolor, oil, gouache.