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Second Place

Second Place

Gary Johnson


Watercolor , 22" x 21"

Sale Price $1750

Artist Statement – “Imagination”

The “Dynamics of Dominance and Value” in the abstract art Imagination that I created are but two of the design elements and principles that have become the central theme in the work I produce, exhibit and teach. Dominance is exhibited in many ways: color, shape, texture, and line are all forms of dominance utilized in this work. The predominantly warm colors are balanced with a small grouping of subordinated cooler colors.

The dominance of multiple curvilinear shapes are offset nicely by smaller geometric shapes. These are the two key forms of dominance that I try to produce when working on a watercolor abstract. Other elements that tend to support these characteristics of my work are textures which are derived in multiple ways as well as the use of line to help pull the piece together and the multiple washes that allow the transparency of watercolor to come shining through providing changes in value throughout the composition.



Gary Johnson, Fayetteville, AR is primarily a watercolor artist but thoroughly enjoys the results that acrylic mediums allow. Gary has lived and worked in many different areas of the US and became interested in art as he grew closer to retirement. He’s a self-taught artist, although he has taken numerous work shops around the country and has studied numerous texts and journals on the subject to enhance his skill level. He’s a Signature Artist in Excellence in the South Carolina Watermedia Society and is a member of many regional and national watermedia organizations around the country. He was recently ju-
ried into the Watercolor USA Exhibition, the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Ex-hibition, and the Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition.

Second Place

Mary Dove

"Open House Sunday, Show Low Arizona"

Watercolor , 22" x 30"

Sale Price $NFS


Artist Biography 

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Mary Dove’s father made certain she was exposed early and often to a wide variety of life experiences. These included all manner of wildlife, birds, nature, sports and even food. Such invaluable encounters have enabled her to breathe life and soul into everything she chooses to paint or draw. Diversification thus became, and remains today, the hallmark of her work. Paintings range from landscapes and architectural structures, big game animals, pet portraits and still life. This allows the subject matter to emotionally fine her as she responds to a particular location or personal experience.

A resident of Sedona AZ, Mary Dove earned both a Bachelor and a Master of Art Education Degree from Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX. Her college education began as an architect major, moved through commercial art and technical illustration to discover her artistic voice as an illustrator. She now captures structures vanishing from our ever-changing landscapes. In the animal world, her keen insight and sensitivity express the physical characteristics and personality of our animal companions and wildlife. Her chosen subjects are depicted in a “realistic expressionism” style reflecting the study of light and values to depict the story mood of the painting.

Second Place

Tamara Sigler

"Gifts from the Garden"

oil , 18" x 14"

Sale Price $2100

Artist Statement

This painting is one in a series of “animated” still life paintings utilizing traditionally composed arrangements as scenes in which origami birds can playfully interact. This arrangement substitutes my more usual bold patterned rugs with a softer draping scarf along with iris from my garden and a blue and white bowl belonging to a dear friend. I am currently exploring how light, shadows and reflections can be used to add liveliness to an arrangement as well, leading and connecting viewers to the small scenes.



Oklahoma native, Tamara Sigler, has always loved the outdoors, and exploring areas of natural beauty, especially in Oklahoma, the desert Southwest and the Rocky Mountain States. Recent years have added the peaceful, green spaces surrounding her current northeast Ohio home to that list. As a young girl, she would sometimes find small “treasures” while exploring, which would be a launching pad for imagined scenarios about little worlds.

Tamara studied art at Kansas City Art Institute and earned her BFA from Oklahoma City University. She entered a career as a graphic designer, just as the field was transitioning from traditional to digital. “It was an exciting decade of creative growth and opportunity. The career path branched and led into some crazy and energetic years of balancing artistic endeavors with the requirements of being a stay-at-home parent. It now leads back to the world of a full time artist.”

She is at work on a “Life of Birds” series depicting still life subjects that are enlivened with directional elements and paper birds each with its own character. Her art reflects the strong colors and patterns inspired by her home and her travels, and showcase a contemporary approach to composition along with a love and respect for traditional painting techniques.

Tamara is the recipient of the Native Star Award and has shown by invitation in the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s Small Works, Great Wonders Show. She has had work displayed in the Butler Museum of American Art and participated in numerous galleries and juried shows, including the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society’s Best of America Small Paintings 2018, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s 12×12, Bosque Art Classic, Heroes and Outlaws: 100 Oklahomans by 100 Oklahoma Artists, and the Rusty Gables Spring Stampede .  Her painting “Trails End” received Best in Show at the Bauhaus Prairie Gallery’s Open a New Year show.

Tamara is a Spirit of the Buffalo artist, with two of her proposed designs accepted for the successful project sponsored by the Nature Conservancy in Oklahoma City. Her designs are included in The Spirit of the Buffalo, Oklahoma’s Past and Future by Linda Millier Bosteels.

Second Place

Madeleine Zweifel


Light Painting , 30" x 24"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

“Life is Light and Motion”. Light painting is the combination of light and motion and my way to bring forth unique interpretations of this axiom.

“Symmetry” is representative of my approach to light painting. While the camera is fixed on a tripod, I am in front of it, “drawing” with a flashlight that is directed at the camera. The flashlight, used as the light source, is modified with various tips called “blades” of perspex in order to get specific light behaviors. To achieve the desired range of colors, I use color gels. Light art requires a slow shutter speed – my paintings come about in a single exposure of 10 – 20 seconds typically – and thus is best performed at night or in a dark room.


Madeleine Zweifel was  born in Zurich in 1958. She is a translator turned photographer and digital artist. Specializing in headshot photography, Madeleine is also a macro photographer and a light painter.

Why photography? Deliberate choice later in life. Introvert by nature, it has always been challenging for her to get out and meet with people. Photography helps with that and is a great way for me to interact with people and express herself through this creative outlet.

Second Place

Jenny Ambroise

"Self-Portrait After Rembrandt"

Oil on canvas , 24" x 20"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement


My goal was to channel Rembrandt’s quality of communicating a moment in one’s life.  I took inspiration from Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait at the Age of 34.  However, unlike Rembrandt who is signifying that he has “arrived,” the expression on my face is of concentration reflecting hard work. I’m still in the midst of “trying to get there.” Aging was an important aspect of Rembrandt’s work, and I acknowledge my own aging by showing my gray hairs that I can no longer keep up with dying. Being an artist has always been part of my identity as indicated by my painting apron.  Painting while looking into a mirror encouraged me to use an expressive approach bringing a quality of life to my portrait.




Jenny Ambroise earned her M.F.A. from Indiana State University and is an assistant professor of art at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She draws upon personal experiences for her art in which subjects range from portraits to landscapes to still-lifes with an emphasis on nature. “There is an awareness of the moment that is demanded by nature which I use to negotiate questions about mortality,” Ambroise explains. While her paintings often center upon the broad topic of death, they are ultimately about understanding the human condition.


Second Place

Anke Dodson

"Take it from the Top"

Watercolor on paper , 21" x 14"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

Anke Dodson enjoys working in the style of contemporary or painterly realism on a variety of surfaces such as watercolor canvas, aquabord, claybord, yupo, ricepaper and, of course, traditional watercolor papers. Her work includes cityscapes, landscapes and marine subjects.



Anke Dodson is a native of Germany and a naturalized citizen of the United States. She is a resident of Tulsa, OK. She has studied painting in watercolor and pastels with nationally known artists and instructors such as Steven Quiller, Alan Flattman, Naomi Brotherton, Judy Betts, Christopher Schink and others and in recent years has added the art of printmaking, more specifically monotypes. Taking a workshop taught by renowned printmaker Julia Ayers made her want to learn more about this unique medium and its possibilities.

In June of 2011 she was invited by the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, OK to teach an introductory monotype workshop in conjunction with their “Rauschenberg at Gemini” exhibition. A solo exhibition at the Gallery of the Performing Arts Center in Tulsa in October 2011 included a large number of monotypes, portraying the change of seasons on the prairie.

The Community National Bank of Kansas commissioned her to paint historical works for seven of their branch offices. The large portraits of these communities are now on exhibit in their respective cities.

Her work was juried into the 2017 and 2018 National Watercolor USA shows.

Her paintings have been added to a number of corporate and private collections in the U.S., Germany and France, including several commissioned pieces.

She is represented by the Eva Reynolds Gallery of Fine Arts in Leawood, KS (Kansas City) and her work can also be found in the virtual galleries of the Oklahoma Artists Coalition and the Tulsa Artists Guild (TAG).

Second Place

Don Bergland


Pigment Print , 24" x 30"

Sale Price $575

Artist Statement

Don Bergland’s work is an alchemical adventure into the mysteries of his own philosophy, beliefs, and values. For him, studio practice is an intellectual activity, both on his part as the creator, and on the part of the viewer as translator of the experience. As a result, he tries to place mental inquiry at the heart of each image he creates. He consciously inserts symbolic interactions and connections within the objects populating his theatrical sets, and encourages viewers to build their own narrative interpretations of these connections. He attempts to arrange the elements in his images in a way that connects a pivotal object or theme with association, symbolism, and metaphor. For Don, the enclosed space of the visual image is a cerebral theater populated by realistic sets, objects, and figures which when combined with intention, offer challenging enigmas. He intends that the viewer will engage with the work, note surfaces, relationships, symbols, and metaphors, and will then construct personal meaning from the engagement. Like all studio-based languages of imaginative possibility, he has merely begun the journey of building and refining his own visual syntax and grammar of cerebral imagination. Each of his works is a record of that journey.”


Don Bergland is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Art Education at the University of Victoria as well as an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). He has been an active exhibiting artist for over 50 years, during which time, he has mastered a variety of professional media, from oil on canvas to his current studio use of digital tools and techniques. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed professional relationships with major galleries in Canada and the United States. He maintains an active international exhibiting career and has featured his artwork in over 200 major exhibitions throughout the world, winning over 70 creative & professional awards in the process. He has published a variety of books dealing with art and creative activity as well as many articles in scholarly and academic journals. His studio practice is focused on using 3D modeling environments to create surrealistic imagery for international exhibitions. He currently lives and teaches in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Second Place

Trudy L Waterman

"Lily II MIV"

Color Digital Photography , 24" x 32"

Sale Price $550

Artist Statement

As a lifelong admirer of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, I have utilized some of her approaches in my photography. I was not necessarily a floral photographer until I started photographing them with a macro lens. It was at this point that I fully understood Ms. O’Keeffe’s philosophy, “I have painted them big enough so others would see what I see.” Although all of my images are not shot with macro, I began to strive to make them large. Photography gives me the advantage of minute detail in their structure that I find fascinating. My goal is to couple the sensuality of this structure with an appealing, but bold aesthetic.

Second Place

Kristi Richter

"Bird Dog "

Scratchboard , 14" x 11"

Sale Price $500


I believe a bona fide artist is capable of rendering any initiative and I occasionally undertake endeavors that do not include animals, which is my passion and forte.  My goal is to capture my subject’s expression, colors, hair, and fur consistencies which can sometimes present a very complex challenge.

My favorite medium is acrylics and most of my work is done in acrylics and includes pet portraits, posters and advertisements that are animal-related.  I have also written and illustrated a children’s book about a dog which I would like to publish.

Second to none is scratchboard which I found particularly challenging because of the complexity of animal fur textures.  Scratchboard is a very meticulous medium because there is very little room for mistakes.  Because of this the end result is gratifying.  My scratchboards have won several first places in art competitions.

My definitive objective is to start a business exclusively doing pet portraits or a favorite wildlife creature.  I have designed a business card and advertising poster and my logo is “Kristi’s Kritters”.


I was born and grew up in Chicago and now reside in Nashville, Tennessee.  Art has always been a priority.  I owe my zealous interest due to my grandfather, who was a professional commercial artist and had a studio in Chicago.

I had always been interested in art as far back as grade school.  As a youngster, I never purchased store bought cards but created cards for my family’s birthdays and other special occasions, and I was always designing comic books.

Following an art curriculum in high school, I attended The American Academy of Art and Chicago Academy of Fine Arts respectively.  My studies introduced me to advertising, color schemes, illustration, calligraphy, photography, scratchboard, abstract, design, charcoal drawing with live models.


Second Place

John Craig

"Bad Moon"

Acrylic and oil on paper , 35" x 35"

Sale Price $300


Artist Statement

Influences and Inspirations – Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Gerhard Richter. Winslow Homer. Picasso. Bill Watterson. Berkeley Breathed. Vaughn Bode. And all the velvet Elvises that ever were.

Awakening (or whatever you want to call it) – Until the age of 63 I had zero interest in painting of any kind, much less abstract. The reason I began sounds like an outtake from “The Sixth Sense”. My wife and I bought a unique little house formerly owned by a woman named Adele Erisman, who had been a painter and who had died there. I do not believe In the afterlife, ghosts, or little green men, but shortly after moving in I awoke one morning certain that I had to paint. Perhaps Ms. Erisman whispered in my ear; perhaps it was just time for me to move into this new and sublimely beautiful phase of my life. In any case, Adele is my official muse, and I am reassessing my preconceptions about the supernatural.

Education – I am a self taught (or uneducated, take your pick; Adele doesn’t provide instruction, only impetus) abstract artist, working in acrylic on paper, panel and canvas.  I occasionally use paintbrushes, but most of the time my equipment of choice is a plastic putty knife or a strip of plexiglass (in the manner of Gerhard Richter). Or a strong right arm (splat).

Process – Jackson Pollock, or one of his chroniclers, allegedly coined the term “action painting”, which I have roughly translated to mean, “I’m making this up as I go”. I generally use cheap plastic putty knives and house paint, which makes the material cost of a screw up more acceptable. Someone asked me what I think about when I paint. Answer: I don’t know. Painting is for me such an intense, immersive, and subconscious experience that all I can say is that I work until I’m done, or at least until I come up for air. In the end, I throw paint on a surface and push it around until I get something I like.


Street Fairs, etc.


Art Within Reach, Collingswood, NJ

Smithville Art Walk, Smithville, NJ

Collingswood Night Market, Collingswood, NJ

Collingswood, NJ Second Saturday (twice)

Brick and mortar group shows:


Artists of Yardley Sixth Annual Juried Show, Yardley, PA

Color of Energy exhibition at the Valley Arts Firehouse Gallery in Orange, NJ

Works on Paper exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA


Maryland Federation of Art, Strokes of Genius

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, 21st Art Ability Exhibition

Philadelphia Sketch Club, Absolutely Abstract exhibition

Mystic Museum of Art, 37th Annual Exhibition, Mystic, CT

The Artists of Yardley, Fifth annual juried exhibition

Online group shows:


Light, Space and Time – Cityscapes (

Colors of Humanity – Open (


Fusion Art – Colorful Abstractions (