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Third Place

Third Place

Gerald Chodak

"After the Rain"

Acrylic on Canvas , 48" x 48"

Sale Price $2800

About This Painting


“After the Rain” is a 48″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas Painting influenced by a rainbow I saw after a heavy rain in Florida.




My introduction to the visual arts came about in the latter part of my first career as a surgeon when I was exposed to the world of glass blowing.  I personally found surgery to be an artistic expression but with obvious limitations.  Blowing glass offered an opportunity to do “surgery” on the glass to create interesting shapes with the added excitement achieved with a varied color palette.   After 13 years of working with glass and showing my work in five galleries, however, I found the need to explore painting.  I began with classes at the Boca Raton Museum School of Art in Boca Raton, Florida and the Old School Square in Delray Beach, Fl.   Whereas blowing glass required pre-work planning and had a time constraint, painting has allowed me more spontaneity and freedom with time to react to each painting as it develops.   I can work on a piece, put it aside and return to it at any time until I feel it is complete.    If something doesn’t feel quite right, I can change or modify it until I am satisfied.  Another freedom with painting is the ability to combine any colors of my choosing.  With glass, physical attributes of some colors prevent them from being combined together.  I find my direction with both mediums has been greatly influenced by the abstract colorist painters of the early and mid 20thcentury.   Color evokes a special reaction in me.  I don’t simply see it but rather I react to it emotionally, whether it is the changing colors in the ocean or sky, the flowers in my garden or the birds flying by. My goal is to evoke a similar reaction for myself as I watch the colors of the paints merge together and explode off the canvas, creating combinations that are often unexpected. Constant excitement influences my art as I prefer to display organic, non-objective shapes, which encourages the viewer to find their own message.

Third Place

Carol Donahue


Archival Pigment Print , 22" x 18"

Sale Price $325

Artist Statement

I am an independent freelance photographer, third generation born in Washington, D.C. Until recently I lived in a rural community, on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay, enjoying the naturaI beauty and historical interest of Annapolis and DC. Now I live on the outskirts of Houston, another vibrant and exciting city.

“Connected” is an image captured in the Observation Lounge at the Top of The Rock at Rockefeller Center, NY. I found a strong image in the structure of the room as well as the beautiful and interesting human connections.

My Architectural images are examples of the urban development. I want them to capture the intensity in the rhythms of the city. The structures are living, breathing environments and the interactive design is an integration of structure, man and nature. I am excited to capture the energy of life in these spaces that is implied as much as seen.


Art Resume & Biography

I studied photography at local Art Centers while I was raising my family.

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts with Fine Art Photographer Dick Bond

Anne Arundel College -Fine Art Photographer Don Kneessi

The historic alternative processes piqued my interests and inspired my approach to photography. I was challenged to push the boundaries of creating images.



Texas Photographic Society

Maryland Federation Art

Art Council for Anne Arundel County, MD


Notable Exhibitions and Awards

6/2018 National Juried Exhibition “Personal Perspective Darkroom Gallery, VT

5/2018 2 Artist Exhibition ”Under One Sun” Woods Gallery, Severna Park, MD

4/2018 Spring Member Exhibition Maryland Federation of Art

3/2018 MFA Member Melange II Exhibition

2/2018 National Juried Exhibition,”Abstraction” BOS- Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, OK

7/2017 2 Artist Exhibition “Under One Sky” Chaney Gallery, Maryland Hall, MD

8/2016 3 Artist Exhibition “2 Carols and a Gail” Quiet Waters Garden Gallery MD

3/2016 River Gallery Juried Community Exhibition, MD

1/2016 Lowes State Office Building, Maryland Artists, Annapolis MD

12/2015 National Juried Exhibition “ Small Wonders” Honorable Mention, MdFedArt

12/2015 Annapolis Design Showhouse

5/2015 Maryland Artists Juried Exhibition “ Maryland Art @College Park” UMD

Third Place

Leif Sohlman

"Chicken Escape"

Photography , 183 x 122cm

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

Nature is a beauty we all have to love. If we do not love nature we loose a bit of our souls. Leif’s images will try to find the beauty in the surrounding, especially nature, around us and to let others find that beauty through his images. Sometimes it might be beauty in something you do not believe is beauty. He hopes others will find and search beauty in nature through his images.


Leif Sohlman is an amateur photographer/digital artist mainly working with nature and landscapes. He is working with landscapes, flowers and macro photography and sometimes with digital art as photo painting and abstract work. He mostly find his motives in the surroundings of his home in City Enköping ( Enkoping, Enkoeping) Sweden

Third Place

Susanne Weber

"Tiffany Spring Flowers"

Fiber / Felt , 14" x 8"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

Tiffany Spring flowers:
“My latest projects are inspired by Art Nouveau and especially the wonderful stained glass windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Capturing the iridescent and translucent colors in combination with the strict network of black lines in felt keeps me fascinated. For this piece I used hand-dyed merino and Bergschaf wool, tussah silk, rose fibers and viscose.”




“Austrian fiber artist Susanne Weber creates felt paintings with emphasis on the magic of light and texture. Her approach is the fusion of Crafts (felting is an ancient textile process, believed to be the oldest form in existence), and Arts. In this context, fibers can be defined as a painting medium, complying with many of the rules relating to visual arts.

Susanne is a studied biologist and has her own medical translation business. She started felting in 2014 out of curiosity and was instantly hooked. From the beginning, working in 2D and exploring the endless options of colors and various fibers was her favorite subject, and she has been largely influenced by the works of Moy Mackay and Susan Mulcock. Nowadays, Susanne is steadily enhancing her knowledge and skills by attending various classes of worldwide renowned fiber artists.
Using violence-free materials like mulesing-free wool and peace silk is a vital issue, and processing wool from raw fleece to self-dyed painting material has become increasingly important to her.
Two exhibitions at the Vienna Felting Festival in 2016 and 2017 were a great success, and Susanne is actually preparing two further exhibitions for autumn 2018.

Her paintings are featured in Arts and Crafts magazines and juried exhibitions, and in December 2017 she was one of 12 Wraptious competition finalists out of 2000+ entries.
Together with her husband and three cats, Susanne lives in Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria.”


Third Place

Karen Jones

"Artist See Bravely"

Acrylic on canvas , 20" x 16"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


As an artist, I utilize paint & pencil to provide physical form to esoteric concepts. My pieces utilize bold color and texture to portray visual clues reflecting individual and community. The human family is of utmost importance to my creative endeavors. I am a willing participant & contributor to my personal & cultural cosmology. My goal is to develop intriguing art which invites deep reflection.


There are countless ways to place ourselves into this universe. I believe all of us are simply looking for our seat at the table, our way home. As an artist, I am becoming aware of my own place at the table-my tools; paint, pencil, conversation, insight & compassion. My objective is to create gentle reminders, talismans of hope & potential. My art serves to guide one to their seat. Friends & family are waiting, welcome home!




Karen Jones was born in Seattle, Washington. Her oldest memories are of rock & shell collecting on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Early interest in art manifested through Karen painting the found treasures for display in her parents’ sea side restaurant. Karen received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Arizona State University. Karen blends past, present & future in a marriage of creativity & entrepreneurship. Karen currently lives, breathes & creates art in Glendale, Arizona.


Third Place

Alexey Zoob


Oil on Linen , 48" x 60"

Sale Price $10000

Artist Statement

My painting is inspired by European postimpressionist poetic motives together with classic understanding of Fine Art traditional interpretation. I do believe there is no end to figurative painting at all. Any skillful, significant master just adds new word, line, verse or, even novel, to the interminable Book of Painting. We all learn from Life and Nature, which, even developing, still proposes us the same human and artistic values as it was in Ancient Greece or Renaissance Italy.

You cannot call any good artist quite new. He is just a new step in sublimation and analysis of those who influence him most, thus we see Titian behind Modigliani, Caravaggio behind Picasso. Art is the union of different artistic aspiration.



I was born and raised in Russia where I got fundamental classic education in monumental painting and sculpture. I graduated from Stroganov Art Academy in Moscow 1991 where I participated in various student exhibitions in Sweden, Japan and Italy, but seeking my own path in art I moved to Israel where slowly but steadily I began to paint, to create my own world without looking at the temptations of momentous modern conceptual art” fame and glory “ I spent some time among the Israeli artists participating in various exhibitions in the prestigious galleries such like Jerusalem Theater, in 2003 I moved to US where my art was generously supported by famous philanthropist Len Blavatnik and late Ann Loeb Bronfman. In 2007 I won the Gran Prix in International Miniature Painting Competition (under Washington Miniature Painting Society) I have exhibited my works in the best Washington area galleries. It makes me really glad to see that my painting is understood and appreciated in US and I have chance to work wholeheartedly in what I consider ”my painting”- in style, in color in line.

I reside in Bethesda MD, where I teach art in my studio and paint and exhibit my works.

1982 -1986 – Art college in Saratov BA degree(painting and sculpture)

1986- 1991 – Stroganov Art School in Moscow MA degree ( monumental painting)

  • – Student exhibitions in Tokyo, Moscow and Stockholm.
  • – Member of Painters and Sculptors Association of Israel

1993 -Exhibition in Moscow Modern Art Center – presentation the idea of using Matryoshka dolls as portable symbols of “mini monumental art”.

1992- 1996 Commission in murals for Jeffrey Sweetbaum.

  • – Solo and group exhibition in Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, by the Israeli Ministry of Culture patronage

1997-1999       Lived and worked in the Sa-Nur Artist Village in Samaria, several exhibitions in the local Gallery.

  • – Solo exhibition in Mitzpe Hayamim Gallery, Israel

2002 -2003 Lived in New York, exhibition in Alexandre Gertsman “Intart” Gallery, cooperation in designing murals for Mr. Blavatnik house (Medin Room) with the office of architect Thierry Despont. Two solo exhibitions in Mr. Len Blavatnik Office on 5th avenue.

  • – Solo exhibition in AvantGarde Gallery, Washington DC.
  • – solo exhibition in Goldman Art Gallery, Rockville MD
  • – Participation in Modern Russian Art auction Project with group exhibition in Gallery “5” Richmond VA.
  • -solo exhibition in Russian Cultural Center Gallery, Washington DC     2007 – solo exhibition in Arts Barn Gallery, Gaithersburg MD
  • – solo exhibition in Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville MD
  • – solo exhibition in Smith Parada Gallery in Georgetown Washington DC
  • – group exhibition in Strathmore Gallery Bethesda MD
  • – solo exhibition in Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery in Washington DC
  • -solo exhibition in Frangulian Gallerie, Paris, France
  • – solo exhibition in Kentland Mansion Gallery Gaithersburg MD
  • – solo exhibition in Bohrer Park Gallery Gaithersburg MD
  • – solo exhibition in Historic Churchhill Hotel foyer -gallery Washington DC

2015- solo exhibit in Glenview Mansion Gallery and Arts Barn Gallery.       2016 – solo exhibition in Chesapeake Gallery North Potomac MD


Third Place

Joseph Grenn

" Rio"

Oil on canvas , 36" x 48"

Sale Price $2800

Artist Statement

The painting depicts three professional brazilian dancers that I saw performing at a at a performance in their full regalia. Being an admirer of Caravaggio, Joe has recreated several of the master’s works in an effort to gain a greater understanding of his phenomenal skills. As Joe says, “You get a better view when you stand on the shoulders of giants.” Grenn’s other works include landscapes, portraits and figures that hopefully evoke a special place in time. His favorite saying and belief is “the historian tells what happened, but the artist tells what it felt like.”



Joe Grenn is a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, received his education in Boston and concluded as a Harvard postdoctoral fellow . He moved to Marin County in1972, maintained a private practice in endodontics in San Francisco, lectured internationally and was a clinical professor at the University of California School of Dentistry form 1972 until his retirement in 2015. He has since dedicated his time to his long time love of oil painting,

Joe maintains a studio at 39 Liberty Ship Way on the Liberty Ship Dock in Sausalito and is a board member of the Marin Society of Artists. Joe’s goal is to embrace special moments in time and share them on canvas. His paintings include landscapes, portraits and figures.


Art Resume

Accepted in juried Marin Fair 2o15, “Kira in Venice”

Honorable mention in Marin Fair 2016, “The Taking of Christ”

Second place in Marin Society of Artists’ “2015 People’s Choice Award” 2016, “The Taking of Christ”

Featured Artist Marin Society of Artists, April 2016 to June 2106

Honorable Mention in Marin Society of Artists’,“In Your Dreams” juried show two entries 10-1-2016, “St Francis in Ecstacy” and “Wilanowa”

Honorable Mention in Beauhaus Gallery juried show, 10-28-2015, “After the Rain” and “Les Beaux des Provence”

Honorable mention Marin Society of Artists “Members Show” juried show

11-1-2106 for “Rodeo Beach”, three entries accepted , “Rodeo  Beach”, “After the Rain” and “Les Baux des  Provence”

Featured Artist at Marin Society of Artists, December 2016 to Feb, 2107

Honorable mention in Marin Society of Artists “Two of a Kind” show, “Zwanda” and  “Chinois”

Second place in Marin Society of Artists juried show “Atmopheric Wonders”, “Les Baux des Provence”

Honorable Mention in Beauhaus Gallery juried show, “The Figure”, 3-14-2017, “Thea”

Accepted in juried Marin Fair 2017, “Thea” and “Kira in Black”

Featured Artist at Marin Society of Artists, March 2017 to May 2017

Featured Artist at Marin Society of Artists, June 2017 to August 2017

Honorable Mention in Marin Society of Artists juried show, “Down on the Corner”, 8-8-2017, “After the Rain”

Two Honorable Mentions in Sacramento Society of Artists juried show, “Painting in the Style of the Masters”, 9-2-2017-2017,

“The Taking of Christ, After Caravaggio” and “Le Frere ( After Theodore Gericault’s Portrait of a Kleptomaniac)

Accepted into juried California Plein Air Painters2 017 International Challenge Exhibit, “Vernazza”, September, 2017


Third Place

Emily Weber

"Home Sweet Home"

Barbed wire and branch , 19" x 17" x 6"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist’s Statement

Emily Weber’s conceptual focus has changed over the years.  Her past work focused on immigration and the idea of home.  Her current focus is on the human impact on our natural environment.  She questions mankind’s current path and seeks to show the destruction that is created by our choices.  She also believes her pieces will show the resourcefulness animals have in a human environment, and how our intrusiveness doesn’t stop natural instinct.

She also sees the natural beauty the world has to offer.  The world is not just chaos and devastation but peace and splendor.  She captures the small, unseen moments that deserve an audience.  Her media is in painting, photography, and sculpture, but her main focus is working with metal and barbed wire.  She is currently working on a new series called “Blooming Bondage.”


Emily Weber is a Chicago based artist with an interdisciplinary background in two dimensional and three dimensional media.  She is a graduate student of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in Fine Arts.  She has worked as a studio assistant to prominent Chicago painter Margot Bergman.  Working with Mrs. Bergman gave Emily a strong studio foundation that she now uses in her own practice.  She is currently a full time conceptual artist.  She is working on expanding her diverse portfolio which includes drawings, paintings, ceramics, fibers, photography, sculpture, and metalwork.  Her work has been displayed in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  In 2018, she was accepted into two shows where she has won an honorable mention for her sculpture, “Home Sweet Home” and a finalist for a recent painting, “Untitled.”  She is currently working on a new sculpture series called “ Blooming Bondage.”  When she’s not working in her studio you can find her traveling with her long time boyfriend Brian or relaxing with their cat Bear.

Third Place

Alexis Avlamis


Acrylic on canvas , 7" x 9.5"

Sale Price $NFS


My art practice follows in the footsteps of the Surrealists Automatism. Through improvisation, intuition and by tapping into a stream of consciousness, I organically construct “landscapes of the mind” aiming at a Cosmic Unity, where human, nature and the artifice co-exist symbiotically.

I explore the concept through the rendering of artworks that delve into the notion of a dreamscape in a topographic manner, leading to the creation of cosmographic maps. These mindscapes merge the outer space, fantasy literature, various vector silhouettes, flora and fauna, mythology, the east and the west through a whimsical urge for exploration and adventure. In addition, hiking and reading mountain maps has substantially informed my work. Drawing trails, dotted lines, zigzags, beams and rays are recurring elements and serve as connecting bridges in my compositions.

The result is suggestive: a cluster of various microcosms inviting the viewer to explore both the parts of the whole as well as the sum of the parts.



Alexis Avlamis (b.Athens 1979) received an early art instruction from Bennington College, Vermont and later on earned a BFA(honors) in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts. By tapping into a stream of consciousness, he creates dreamlike mindscapes aiming at a Cosmic Unity, where nature and the artifice co-exist symbiotically. Avlamis is a laureate of the International Emerging Artist Award (Drawing and Illustration category), which saw his works exhibited in Dubai and Brussels, respectively. Awards, Juried shows and competitions include the: 6th 2017 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner (Mixed-Media), 7th 2017 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner (Painting), A line with intent, ARC Gallery, Chicago (USA), 39th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Monmouth Museum, NJ, (USA), Cardinal Planes, Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Center, New York (USA ), The Abstract Mind, CICA Museum (Korea), Biennale Austria, blue bleu blau blu, (Vienna), the Stencil Art Prize, (Australia), Art Kudos (USA), Day Dreamers, Bg Gallery (California), 10x10x10 Tieton, (Washington), the Bloom Award, Shortlisted (Cologne), Artist Statement, CICA Museum (Korea), Anthology, Charlie Smith London (UK), the Mamut Art Project (Istanbul), the IEAA Award (Dubai and Brussels), the Dave Bown Projects, (New York), the Heart Revive, Sunshine Museum (Beijing), the 7 artists / 7 countries, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Korean cultural service, Beijing (China), the Drawing Center’s Viewing Program (New York) and several others. He has attended artist residencies in USA, Finland and China, has been published and interviewed internationally and works may be found in private and museum collections, most notably the Djurhuus Collection, Denmark and the Henan Art Center’s collection, China.

Third Place

Carol Marshall

"Time and Tide Wait For No Man"

Fiber, art quilt , 42" x 18"

Sale Price $300

Artist Statement

“Time and Tide Wait For No Man”

This is a quote by Geoffrey Chaucer, and comes from a proverb used by Saint Marher in 1225. The meaning of this quilt is to show that time and tides are such powerful forces, which cannot be stopped by man or God, that they are both essentially out of our control. The numerous images of clocks and timepieces floating in the tides are overcome by the waves and wash up on shore, abandoned by the tide.  The strength in the waves indicates that we are helpless in preventing their destruction to whatever they touch, particularly time. There is no way to prevent either.


Having never sewn before and continuing to grow her art from mural painting, Carol began to create scenes with fabric – transforming her visions into art quilts. Using scraps of fabric samples from a local upholsterer, a $50 sewing machine, she began to create with cloth as she did with paint, blending and layering to fashion landscapes, abstracts and city scenes. Her work encourages one to reach out and touch the work and become part of it.

Advancing to a more sophisticated machine and exploring ideas, she has created a collection of fabric art quilts. Her Night and Day series explores the juxtaposition of red, white, black and gold, against the shadows of the moon and the sun. Her Harbor Sights series depicts different scenes of boats and harbors. The Michigan Landscape series includes a summer sunflower field, a winter beach scene, a lakeside cabin in autumn, a snowy forest night, a pumpkin field in autumn, the grape vineyards, the Michigan rolling hills of the Grand Traverse Bay; and of course, the sunset. Her quilts “Red Sky at Night” and “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” clearly demonstrate how different the skies change and are never the same.   Her abstracts are simply delightful in their whimsical display of shapes and colors as seen in My Rescue, The Women Series, and Time and Tide Wait for No Man.

“I call my technique painting with fabric. There’s nothing “set in stone” about my art style.   It’s my perspective of textile art – not a quilt, not appliqué, not just a sewing project –but a form of painting. Being a painter and pastel artist, I just substitute my paint brush for a sewing machine – and fabric for the paint. There are no solid, opaque colors in nature. There are no flat surfaces.   There are only shadows, lines, color variations, shape and dimension.   The more bits of fabric I use, the more intense the blending of colors.   The more layers I sew, the more depth and dimension.   By using fabric as my tool, I can imitate nature’s texture, patterns, colors and shapes:   the veritable layers of the natural beauty that surrounds us.”

Her work has been exhibited at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids; Daybreak Gallery in Manistee, Three Pines Studio in Cross Village, the Manistee Art Institute, Synchronicity Gallery in Glen Arbor, The Oliver Art Center, Pentwater, The Fiber Festival in the Old Art Building in Leland; The Fiber Art Almanac: Essays from the American Midwest; and on the on line galleries –  Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery and Light and Space Gallery. Her “Kaleidoscope” art quilt has been published in “1000 Quilts Inspirations” by Sandra Sider and in the Midwest Fiber Arts Trails print version of “Essays from the Midwest – The Quilt Maker’s Story”. She has taught classes in Manistee, the Ghost Ranch in Abiqui, New Mexico and the Oliver Art Center in Frankfort, Michigan.

Carol also paints murals in private and commercial establishments. Her most recent commission being the Children’s Room in the Manistee Public Library – a 140 foot mural surrounding the reading room depicting images of Manistee County and the joy of reading.