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Christine Meytras

First Place

Christine Meytras

Christine Meytras

"Water Like Music"

Dacron, pulleys, wire, wood , 9' 10" x 6'

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Artist Statement

The piece I created is called “Water Like Music” and is about the movements of water and the formation of waves in the wind. It should be read like a music partition, from top to bottom.

It is a celebration of our natural world. The mountains that surround us with their lakes and rivers, the turbulent or gentle winds that are ever present in our days and the light that gives the sky its intensity create sceneries as precious as jewels. It is this interconnection that I wanted to portray in a frame open to the elements.

Water Like Music is the anatomy of a wave forming, flattened and reorganized on wires with pulleys, so that when the wind blows and fills in the material, it, in turn, flutters and gives the illusion of moving water.

The wind and the sun are key players in my story.

I drew patterns of wave shapes and cut them from sailcloth of two different colors: white and blue. The material with its transparency and its suppleness has a beautiful softness and sheen. I added small patterns of the opposite color, reminiscent of light patterns on moving water, on each wave and sewed 50 crystal beads on the front and back of the waves. When the sun touches the beads at a special angle its light refracts and creates new light splashes on the waves. They look like the natural splashes and droplets of water in the sunlight. These light patterns can be seen through the material.

I then attached small pulleys to the Waves and threaded the wire through the pulleys before fixing the wires to a wooden frame. The Wave panels, cut a few inches longer than the wood frame’s width, move slightly back and forth on their cables in the wind, bringing to mind the notion of moving water, and in addition, the undulating sailcloth creates its own wave patterns of light and shadows on the Waves themselves.

The flow of water is also suggested by the progression of colors. It starts at the top with the first Wave being completely white, followed by three white Waves adorned with curvy blue patterns, and it finishes with two blue Waves with white patterns.

My installation Water Like Music was placed in a 9ft10 x 5ft10 metal frame, 6 feet off the ground, located on the South East side of Broadway in the town of Jackson, Wyoming.

The frame, called the Wonderspot, was carved from a chairlift tower.

Water Like Music was on display in the Wonderspot during the summer of 2017. The waves fluttered in the sky, and, at times moved in the wind like mini spinnakers.


In the long journey of creating, if one looks for landmarks, these are often found outside of the art world.

I was born and raised in France where I went to Grenoble’s Fine Art school and graduated from the University of Grenoble with a “Maîtrise” in Art History. I drew, painted and wrote as a child.

Born in the mountains I fell under their spell and travelled their worlds climbing, hiking, skiing, sailing , flying, writing and taking pictures. Their beauty shaped my eyes.

I started creating again in a more traditional way when I moved to Jackson, Wyoming.

I have participated in exhibitions. The National Art Museum of Cheyenne, Wyoming purchased one of my paintings. The outdoors sculptures I created are anchored in social events that shaped our lives or celebrate culture and the natural world.