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Christopher Shelton

Second Place

Christopher Shelton

Christopher Shelton

"Intelligentsia #3"

mixed media , 25.3" x 23"

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Artist Statement

This recent work is a reflection of masculinity being defined by today’s gynocentric society which has led me to many questions: my art being one of them and society’s views on male and female relationships. Within these relationships I will interweave the hostile environment that has hindered the life of both sexes into an aurora borealis abstraction. The aurora borealis is an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth’s magnetic lines of force. These surfaces create condensed layers of dripping, scraping and textured dimensionality. As each layer is extracted I am exploring the sexes chaotic behaviors but engaging those behaviors into a beautiful organic refraction.


Christopher Shelton is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada and U.S. Army veteran; whose dynamic perspectives on social political views are interwoven into visual artistry. His newest body of work combines painting, and sculpture to create a beautiful organic refraction. Subsequently, he is planning on continuing to make new forms of three-dimensional abstraction into a new age art movement.


2013     Define Art, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, Georgia

Senior B.F.A. Painting Exhibition, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, Georgia

IN/EX Senior Seminar Exhibition, Ashmore Gallery, Savannah, Georgia

(Solo), Butter Head Greens Café, Savannah, Georgia

2014    Fervor, Whit’s End Gallery, Savannah, Georgia

2017    [Fusion] Black and White gallery, online Juried Art Exhibition

2nd place honors, Prospectus “Creative Inspiration”, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery


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