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Cyndy Baran

Best of Show

Cyndy Baran

Cyndy Baran

"The Journey - Migration"

Acrylic on Canvas , 30" x 40"

Sale Price $795

Art Statement


“The Journey – Migration” is the second painting in a series titled “The Human Condition”. People typically fear those they do not know or cannot identify with culturally. Thus, we see (im)migration as a threat to our ourselves and our country. However, the migration of people has taken place for centuries. From as early as the Jewish Diaspora (550 BC), to the Irish Potato famine (1849), to today; people have been forced to migrate to escape persecution, violence, and famine.

Because we are a nation of immigrants, it is incumbent upon us to act with compassion towards those who are fleeing to freedom and a better life.


Artist Statement/Bio


One inch…One simple, little inch can change your life.

“If it weren’t for that one little inch between me and that out-of-control city bus careening towards my car, I would have been trapped in that tangled pile of metal under the belly of the bus. Instead, the lives of two young men were snatched away in an instant, and I walked away alive.  It was in that moment I decided that if I ever wanted to find my creative self, I had better get to it!”

Subsequently, Cyndy left her day job and enrolled at Watkins College of Art & Design in Nashville TN, graduating with an AFA in 2002. She has been making art ever since.

Cyndy has worked in a variety of mediums and genres including figure, landscape, still life, and abstraction.

“As an Empath, I frequently combine contemporary social issues with bold colors and thought-provoking compositions. I believe the body intuitively knows what it needs. If you create calm among the chaos of life and listen to your voice, it will allow you to hear the voices of those around you. From there, your creativity will begin to flow.”


Juried Competitions & Awards

  • 2019 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, “No Walls-Just Great” Art July Best of Show (July)
  • 2019 Plymouth “Water Works”, Plymouth Art Center, WI (May)
  • 2019 Re:Vision Gallery, Kenosha WI (April)
  • 2019 League of Milwaukee Artists “For the Love of Arts”, Oconomowoc WI Honorable Mention (April)
  • 2019 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, “Open a New Year” Honorable Mention Award (January)
  • 2019 Waukesha City Hall Solo Show, Waukesha WI (January)
  • 2019 Light Space Time “All Women Art Exhibition” Award of Special Merit (January)
  • 2018 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, Award of Honorable Mention “Abstraction: Theoretical, Conceptual, Intellectual”, (December)
  • 2018 Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, IL (November)
  • 2018 WCAL Wisconsin Regional Art State Award Winner (June)
  • 2018 Waukesha Public Library Solo Show (May 2018)
  • 2018 Burlington Wisconsin Regional Art Show – Honorable Mention (April)