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Diamante Lavendar

Best of Show

Diamante Lavendar

Diamante Lavendar

"Thinning Of The Veil"

Digital , 24" x 21.25"

Sale Price $600

Artist Statement

As an artist, I seek to convey emotions and thoughts through my work whether it be painting, drawing photography or digital art. If I’m working on photographs, I enjoy capturing raw emotion from the environment around me. I see the world as a ready made canvas!

In my painting, drawing and digital work I enjoy abstract art….taking a concept and creating it on paper in a unique way. I believe art is an experience..not only by the artist but by the observer as well. To be able to convey a belief or feeling adequately through art is indeed a gift!

Artist Biography

My work has been in eight online galleries to date.  I’ve also won the Publisher’s Choice Award from Art & Beyond for my pieces entitled Angel Of Light and Altered States Of Consciousness.  And recently I received Special Merit from Light, Space and Time Gallery for my pieces entitled The Love Of The Father and You Gave My Heart Wings.  And, last but not least, Honorable Mention from Bauhaus Prarie Art Gallery for the August 2017 Creative Inspiration show with my piece entitled Generations!
If you would like to view my work, you can find me at