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Dmitry Fesechko

Best of Show

Dmitry Fesechko

Dmitry Fesechko

"Music of War"

Oil on canvas , 80 x 45cm

Sale Price $2200

Artist Statement: “Music of War”

I don’t paint many still life paintings, but when I do I try to inspirit them with some symbolism like the masters of the past did before. “Music of War” is the painting about life and death. On the left side of the composition you can notice a two-string musical instrument called “Topshur”. It takes its origin from the Western Mongolian tribes. Mongolian people usually sang songs about wars and heroes of the past accompanied by this instrument. They also played topshur before a battle to inspire people. Somehow this instrument symbolizes a war. But the same time music can symbolize life, movement, inspiration. On the right side of the composition you can see the human skull in old style Mongolian hat. Apparently, it symbolizes death, “Memento mori”.

I decided to paint two light sources. Left one is red. A color of life, fierce and energy. Topshur is being lit by this light. Right light source is green. In color psychology green color stimulates harmony in the brain. It is a calm color. All of us will find desired peace after death.

Also, painting this still life I was inspired by 19th century Russian artist Vasily Vereshchagin. One of his most famous paintings is “The Apotheosis of War”. He has painted a big pile of sculls in a middle of Central Asian steppe. Inspiration came to me from the inscription on the frame of this large painting: “Dedicated to all conquerors of the past, present and future”.

Also, when I paint still life paintings, I usually use an old multilayer technique (like Flemish, a little bit modified). It takes a lot of time to finish a piece with such technique. Paintings made this way have volumetric light, the illusion of volume and presence is incredible. The light pierces the canvas and reflects from the wall where the painting is hanging and lightens the canvas from inside. As the shadow areas have the most transparent layer it glows the most. You can notice this effect on many masterpieces of 17th-18th century.


Dmitry Fesechko (b. 1988) is an artist from Moscow, Russia. He started his artist career as an abstract painter, then for some years was absorbed in surrealism and symbolism, taking part in exhibitions in Russia and the EU. He also worked as a digital illustrator for some time but abandoned it focusing entirely on traditional oil painting. He has studied classical multilayer technique that takes its origin from old masters of the past. Nowadays Dmitry works in genres closer to life like still life, landscapes and paints a series of paintings inspired by several trips to India.


2008 Solo exhibition, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

2008 Group exhibition Death and afterlife in art, VDNKh, Moscow

2008 Two paintings were bought for Museum of world Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk

2010-2011 Group exhibitions, Grekov’s Studio, Moscow

2011-2013 Participant of Andrey Nekrasov surrealism art projects “Geysers of subconscious” and “Ying Yang”.

2011 Group exhibition, The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

2012 Group exhibition, Gallery Plum Palm, Moscow

2013 Group exhibition, Gallery Plum Palm, Moscow

2013 Group exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow

2013 – Agnirealism exhibition, DEVE gallery, Moscow

2014 – Agnirealism exhibition, Galerie Natalie Boldyreff, Paris

2018 – Beggars and Saints solo exhibition, Ashwinam center, Moscow



2008 Interview, The Battered Suitcase, Vagabondage Press, LLC

2012 Interview, Futur Maestri

2015 Interview, Artist Removed

2015 Interview, Figurementors

2015 International Contemporary Artists, Vol X, ICA Publishing

2016 The First Berliner Art Book 2016

2017 Interview, Figure Painter Magazine Vol. 46

2017 article, Russiaknowledge

2017-2018 Author of the section “Lessons from the past”, Figurementors


Art Awards:

2017 Bullfight painting, Honourable Mention, Creative Inspiration 2017” event, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

2017 One has reached Samadhi painting, Special Merit Award, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

2017 Sadhu and the old man painting, 4th place in Orientalism, American Art Awards 2017

2018 Top 100 Award, Circle Art Foundation


Miniature Art Events:

2012 Golden medal, Silver medal, Winter Angel Miniature Show, Moscow

2013 Overall prize winner, Spring Angel Miniature Show, Moscow

2015 Silver medal, Monte San Savino Show, Italy

2016 Bronze medal, Monte San Savino Show, Italy

2016 Contest Judge, Ruby sphere Miniature Show, Moscow

2017 Contest Judge, Monte San Savino Show, Italy

2018 Contest Judge, Moson Model Show, Hungary

2018 Grand prize, Paint-o-Palooza, Germany


Member of Creative Union of Professional Artists since 2013