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Don Bergland

First Place

Don Bergland

Don Bergland


Digital Pigment Print , 24" x 30"

Sale Price $675

Artist Statement About the Work

“Axiom” is an alchemical adventure into the mysteries of belief which create the stories upon which our own personal mythologies rest. Here, we encounter a major psychological archetype robed in hints of youth, the first attempts at word-based expression, and the beginnings of the endless search for meaning. Mental inquiry always lies at the heart of each image constructed by Don Bergland. He attempts to arrange the elements in his images in a way that connects pivotal objects with association, symbolism, and metaphor. For Don, the enclosed space of the visual image is a cerebral theater populated by realistic sets, objects, and figures which when combined with intention, offer challenging enigmas. It is left to viewers to examine the symbolic interactions and connections within the objects populating this theatrical set and build their own narrative interpretations of these connections based on their own personal histories.

Artist Resume

Don Bergland is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Art Education at the University of Victoria as well as an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). He has been an active exhibiting artist for over 50 years, during which time, he has mastered a variety of professional media, from oil on canvas to his current studio use of digital tools and techniques. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed professional relationships with major galleries in Canada and the United States. He maintains an active international exhibiting career and has featured his artwork in over 200 major exhibitions throughout the world, winning over 70 creative & professional awards in the process. He has published a variety of books dealing with art and creative activity as well as many articles in scholarly and academic journals. His studio practice is focused on using 3D modeling environments to create surrealistic imagery for international exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Victoria, BC, Canada.