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Don Bergland

First Place

Don Bergland

Don Bergland


Pigment Print , 16" x 20"

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Don Bergland’s surrealistic art is an alchemical adventure into the mysteries of his own philosophy, beliefs, and values. Each of his artworks features a theatrical set defined by a stage with actors, props, and a backdrop. He consciously places symbolic interactions and connections within the objects populating his theatrical sets, and encourages viewers to build their own narrative interpretations of these connections. In this piece called, “Belief,” we may be able to perceive the closure of exploration, trapping consciousness in a net of ordered illusion. Through the process of ritualized repetition, we seek to strengthen established beliefs and transmute them to the status of eternal faith.



Don Bergland is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Art Education at the University of Victoria and has been an active exhibiting artist for over 50 years. During that time, he has worked through a variety of professional media, from oil on canvas to his current studio use of digital tools and techniques. He maintains an active international exhibiting career and has featured his artwork in over 170 major exhibitions throughout the world. Don has won over 80 creative & professional awards for his work which is represented in major corporate and private collections such as the Gulf Oil Corporate Collection (Alberta), the Madrona Centre Permanent Collection (B.C.), the Canadian Utilities Corporate Collection (Alberta), the Timothy Eaton Foundation Collection (Canada), the Chevron Standard Corporate Collection (Alberta), as well as in private collections in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has published 8 books dealing with art and creative activity, as well as published dozens of articles in scholarly and academic journals. His current studio focus is in using 3D modeling environments to create surrealistic imagery for international exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Victoria, BC, Canada.