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Francesca Busca

First Place

Francesca Busca

Francesca Busca

"Crit Me"

paper, plastic, metal and fabric on metal , 31cm x 20cm

Sale Price $600

Artist Statement

Her goal? To provoke!

To Francesca, art has the same importance as philosophy: its ultimate purpose is to provoke something in the viewer of its time. She feels a compelling urge to convey a message to the viewer, whether a thought or a pure emotion, as strongly as her technical and creative capabilities will allow.

Torn between optimism and surrender, Francesca is haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, she believes in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through reusing, recycling and upcycling. She is fascinated by colours and textures of both artificial and natural elements, which she hunts for in everyday life and plays with in new combinations, pairing and contrasting noble material with rubbish. Her aim is to prove how rubbish is a relative definition and how it can be turned into something useful, fun and even beautiful. She thoroughly enjoys working within the ethical and material limitations which this choice entails.

She has a true passion for mosaic, as it allows the use materials of all sorts: she strives to show the beauty and significance of each material uses, in each tiny piece. She never stops learning and experimenting. She is on a mission to show the incredible – yet still quite unknown – potential of modern mosaic, as a fine art in its own right.


Artwork on view/for sale at the ex chiesa di Santa Chiara, Murano, Venice, Italy- FLUX Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art, London, July 18– “Threads“, The Artists’ Pool, Espacio Gallery, London, March 18
BowWow Haus London: designing + decorating a dog kennel, on exhibition at St Pancras,London, Jan-May18, and auctioned for charity. Profits to go to Blue Cross
– “Find Me!”, Vernice Contemporanea, Biennale Off. 57. Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, Venice, 1-29 Oct 17
-“Nasty Women UK”, Stour Space, London, 22-24 Sep17. Raising funds for End Violence Against Women
– “Now That’s What I Call Art“, Laura I. Art Gallery, Ice House Court, London, 7-23 Sept 17
– “From Rome to London“, St Lawrence Jewry, Guildhall Yard, London, 7 July – 16Sep17
FLUX Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art, London, 12-16 Jul 17
– “Threads“, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ, 4-15 Jul 17
Winner of the SOLO exhibition on Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery, 15 May-15 Jun17
– “Ode to Nature”: 4 artists’ exhibition, Chelsea Fringe, Oxford House Gallery, London, 20 May–4 Jun17
Winner at the “I’m In Heaven” Exhibition, Nature Category (3rd Place), Heaven Art Gallery, AZ,May 17
Uniqueness of Concept and Originality Award at Still Point IX, Still Point Art Gallery, May17
Winner: Best In Show, ”All Women” Competition, 3D & Mixed Media cat. (1st Place), CAGO,Apr17
– “We Need to Talk about Clothes“, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham, 22-26 April 17!
Artexpo 2017, Pier 94, NYC, 21 – 24 Apr 17
Biennale Peschiera del Garda, Caserma dell’Artiglieria, Peschiera del Garda, Italy, 31 Mar–3 Apr17
Winner at the “Abstract Art” exhibition – 3D Category (1st Place) + Winner – Overall Winner Artists Category (3rd Place) + Honourable Mention & Special Merit at the Light, Space & Time Gallery ,March 17
– “Threads“, The Artists’ Pool, Espacio Gallery, London, 1-12 March 17
MeArt – Biennale Internazionale del Mediterraneo, Palermo, Italy, 9-12 March 17
International Award “Galileo Galilei“, Pisa, Italy, 22 January 17
– “Contemporary Venice“, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, Italy, 14 Dec 2016-14 Jan 17
Spectrum 2016 with World Wide Art/Artavita, Booth 807, Miami, FL, 30 Nov – 4Dec 16
– “Oxygen – Fragmented Cities+Identities“, J. Jurado Art Studio, Bogota’, Colombia, 19 Nov-19 Dec 16
Art San Diego 2016, Balboa Park Activity Center, San Diego, CA, 3-6 Nov 16
Overall winner at the “Open No Theme 3D & Mixed Media” exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery,Nov 16
Overall Winner of the “Spotlight Solo Art Contest”, International Gallery of the Arts, 15 Oct-15 Dec 16
– “Leave/Remain” exhibition, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 25 – 30 Oct 16
– “Future Landscapes” exhibition, Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy, 6 Oct – 27 Nov 16
– “Frida Kahlo – Lust for Life” exhibition, Menier Gallery, London, 4 – 31 Aug 16

– Featured in Still Point Art Quarterly, Summer 2017
– Featured interview on Artsy Shark, May 17
– Featured as Artist in the Spotlight at the Flux Exhibition on The Gallery Guide, May 17
– Featured on ArtWeek, May 1
– Featured on Artsy, May 17
– Featured Interview on ItsLiquid, May 17
– Artwork selected as Header Image for Curator Space (“Materia 1, 2, 3” – coming soon)
– Featured in Art International Contemporary Magazine, January/February 17
Interview and artwork featured in Art Reveal Magazine, issue 23, Dec 16
Interview and artwork featured in Exquisite Arts Magazine, issue 3, Nov 2016