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Gaylord Mink

Third Place

Gaylord Mink

Gaylord Mink

"Hoeing Cabbage"

Digital art ,

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Hoeing Cabbage

The image is a digital art rendition from a video image taken from a ship cruising up the Yangtze river in central china.  The young lady is hoeing cabbages on the river bank.

Artist Statement

After several years as a free-lance wildlife videographer, I have moved to digital stills mainly using a still cameras. Most recently I have begun experimenting with picturely art; using digital software to “artify” still captures from digital video. This is image is part of that experiment.

Artist Biography

Gaylord Mink began his “artistic” life as a photographer when he retired after 40 years as a research scientist. He began this afterlife as a free-lance wildlife videographer where he concentrated on the movement and behavior of the wild subjects. Later he expanded to digital still photography where he now attempts to tell visual stories about the subject’s behavior. Recently he is focusing on incorporating light and texture as principle subjects in his work, most of which still centers around wildlife and natural things.