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Ilona Benzel

First Place

Ilona Benzel

Ilona Benzel

"Cluster Orchids"

Multi-Media (Alcohol inks, Luminaire, acrylics) , 11" x 14"

Sale Price $300

Artist Statement

As an artist I don’t do repetitive art. I try new mediums, add & subtract, bring change to my art and grow with it and from it. Acceptance and excitement doesn’t come from banality; it comes from an open creative mind and soul.

I went through an artistic metamorphous as my life changed in 2005 after losing my husband of 26 yrs and 3 beloved German shepherds. I moved to FL from NH and re-emerged from oils to acrylics to multi-media with inks.

Artists Biography & Resume

The artist, Lonnie, has painted and drawn since first influenced by her aunt Geraldine whose dining room was a painting area. Gerry often gave her a canvas and let her paint by her side.

Lonnie began painting oils in NH where she grew up and lived but abrupt changes in her life allowed her to move to FL in 2007 where she found oils too cumbersome and traditional they frustrated her.  She began using acrylics until she took an alcohol ink class and has since been in love with the multi-media (inks, Luminaire and acrylics). Alcohol ink paintings are intriguing, bright, colorful and spontaneous. They are fluid and take awhile to learn control. This challenge sparked a fire in her to work again.

In her 30s she attended a local art college, Notre Dame in NH. Her BA is in commercial art but she was well into fine art classes to balance her knowledge.  She spent 30+ years in print shops or newspapers working for the state of NH’s 2nd largest daily newspaper, The Concord Monitor. She was a paste up artist and ad designer. She accepted a job at a state run college, NHTI (New Hampshire Technical Institute), in Concord and was the sole artist doing all materials, folders, announcements, brochures and redesigned the college catalogue turning it from a black and white nightmare to a piece of fine artwork that was never seen on that level at the college before.She spent her spare time designing logos for local businesses (Omni Services, RockTech, Aesthetic Dental, Capital Well, East Coast Metal, `Bianco Prof. Assn, Maine Drilling and more).

She is also the sole author of 4 self-published novels: Night Predators, Deadly Magic, Backyard Dog, Lions, Elephants & Bears-by alias PK Foster (her 1st yr of being Animal Control Officer for the Weare, NH PD) all sold on Amazon and other markets.