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Irina Kladova

Fourth Place

Irina Kladova

Irina Kladova

"Cowell Beach, 2016, USA"

Watercolor , 60.2 x 44.5 cm

Sale Price $400

Artist Statement

My works are result of my watching. Sometimes a lot of time can be spent, because I like analyzing colors and shapes in around. I prefer to find a simplest form of complex things, similarity and differences. I try to recreate a story from sketches and  impressions. This story which can show the current of time. The ideal way to impress from emotions and thoughts is watercolor painting. A watercolor painting adds unpredictability and transience to my works.

I am an artist with ecology-geographic education. I had studied in private art school “Zelenaya Palitra” (the name can be translated as green palette) in small siberian town Tomsk. My teachers are all members one family and grew up in siberia: Marina Ruman, Mariya Gubina and Elizavetha Ruman. Also I had attended classes of academy figure in Tomsk state university and Boris Pertsev’s (Tomsk watercolor artist) watercolor master classes. I had been teaching drawing for kids in Montessori kindergarten and took a part in exhibitions of still life, landscape in different mediums, including watercolor, oil, gouache.