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Jarred Fisher – Denouement

Second Place

Jarred Fisher – Denouement

Jarred Fisher


Oil on Linen , 16'' x 14''

Sale Price $$1400

 Artist Statement

Nature is the single greatest teacher in Art. When composing a work, I am on a journey to humble myself before the magnitude of reality; of nature.

Among my influences are Zorn, Sargent, and modern masters such as Nelson Shanks, Steven Assael, and Dan Thompson. Through them I seek a marriage of classical themes and contemporary progress.

I eschew the use of photographic implements, and their aesthetics, and instead search for visual celebrations of nature via the primacy of work made from life. Each work is an exploration of our reality and an invitation to commune with it.

Artist Biography

Based in Wilmington, DE, Jarred Fisher is a contemporary realist artist. After graduating from Delaware College of Art and Design in 2007, where he studied under Catherine Drabkin, Paul Hluchan, and Elana Hagler, Fisher spent the next five years struggling to create work with the level of skill and depth of purpose he sought. Moved by the works of many of the 19th century baroque painters, Fisher sought out to acquire deeper technical skills and more rigorous academic instruction. Upon reading a magazine interview with noted master artist Nelson Shanks, Fisher set out to further his training at Shank’s Philadelphia atelier, Studio Incamminati, beginning in 2012. There he trained under living masters such as Dan Thompson, Jon DeMartin, Darren Kingsley, Stephen Early, Lea Colie Wight, and Kerry Dunn.

Graduating in 2016, Fisher continues to search for answers to the innumerable questions of reality through the practice of daily painting. A firm believer in the importance of art education, he also serves as the Upper School Art teacher at Doane Academy in Burlington, New Jersey. There he teaches high school students the same academic, realist curriculum he studied at Studio Incamminati.

Professional Artist with 10 years’ experience, 4 years of study under master artists, and 4 years of teaching students in both private and classroom-style settings. Concentrations in contemporary realist works in Oil and Metalpoint with a focus on still life and figurative work.