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Jenny Ambroise

Second Place

Jenny Ambroise

Jenny Ambroise

"Self-Portrait After Rembrandt"

Oil on canvas , 24" x 20"

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Artist Statement


My goal was to channel Rembrandt’s quality of communicating a moment in one’s life.  I took inspiration from Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait at the Age of 34.  However, unlike Rembrandt who is signifying that he has “arrived,” the expression on my face is of concentration reflecting hard work. I’m still in the midst of “trying to get there.” Aging was an important aspect of Rembrandt’s work, and I acknowledge my own aging by showing my gray hairs that I can no longer keep up with dying. Being an artist has always been part of my identity as indicated by my painting apron.  Painting while looking into a mirror encouraged me to use an expressive approach bringing a quality of life to my portrait.




Jenny Ambroise earned her M.F.A. from Indiana State University and is an assistant professor of art at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She draws upon personal experiences for her art in which subjects range from portraits to landscapes to still-lifes with an emphasis on nature. “There is an awareness of the moment that is demanded by nature which I use to negotiate questions about mortality,” Ambroise explains. While her paintings often center upon the broad topic of death, they are ultimately about understanding the human condition.