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Juan Laden – “Becky and Jessie”

Second Place

Juan Laden – “Becky and Jessie”

Juan Laden

"Becky and Jessie"

Silver Gelatin Print , 11" X 11"

Sale Price $350

Juan Laden

Juan was born in Panama, raised on the East and West Coasts of the U.S.A. and over in Europe. Since 1973 he has been based out of Lander, Wyoming. Travel, so far, to all of the continents other than Africa and Australia, is an ongoing lifestyle. He has been shooting black and white film cameras since his teens in the 60’s, and still works in the “wet” process creating Silver Gelatin Prints in an effort to share his unique vision. Starting in 1999, Juan has shown in several venues around Wyoming, Michigan and Denmark along with winning several competitions and having his works published and collected in several countries.

Artist’s Statement

Often the first question I am asked is, “What subject do you shoot?” My reply is, “I shoot composition and light”. Of course it seems trite, but in actual fact that is the concise answer. “Subjects are incidental.” Of course there are many subjects that I do shoot and I have life projects and many subjects that I work with to create a body of work. Still in one way, there are just two subjects, that of humans and that of nature. I also like the juxtaposition of the two, both in harmony and discord. Still, without composition and understanding of the light, photos become at best documentation. Not that I don’t enjoy beautiful documentation, but I strive to achieve images that speak to more than what is in the actual print.

I have never had traditional or formal training, but have had the blessings of inspiration from creative people in my life, especially my mother; and assistance from many skilled photographers. Working with an intuitive eye and basic technical knowledge, I create images that I can share with others. I see myself as a vehicle for a story through light and the balance and tension of composition that can communicate to the rest of humanity.