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Karen Jones

Third Place

Karen Jones

Karen Jones

"Artist See Bravely"

Acrylic on canvas , 20" x 16"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


As an artist, I utilize paint & pencil to provide physical form to esoteric concepts. My pieces utilize bold color and texture to portray visual clues reflecting individual and community. The human family is of utmost importance to my creative endeavors. I am a willing participant & contributor to my personal & cultural cosmology. My goal is to develop intriguing art which invites deep reflection.


There are countless ways to place ourselves into this universe. I believe all of us are simply looking for our seat at the table, our way home. As an artist, I am becoming aware of my own place at the table-my tools; paint, pencil, conversation, insight & compassion. My objective is to create gentle reminders, talismans of hope & potential. My art serves to guide one to their seat. Friends & family are waiting, welcome home!




Karen Jones was born in Seattle, Washington. Her oldest memories are of rock & shell collecting on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Early interest in art manifested through Karen painting the found treasures for display in her parents’ sea side restaurant. Karen received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Arizona State University. Karen blends past, present & future in a marriage of creativity & entrepreneurship. Karen currently lives, breathes & creates art in Glendale, Arizona.