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Kathryn Yu

Best of Show

Kathryn Yu

Kathryn Yu

"We've Drifted"

Oil paint on canvas , 20" x 24"

Sale Price $2000

Artist Statement

As a shy and private person, the pieces I create often share in my quietness. Even a beach teaming with people, when filtered through my eyes and hands, can nevertheless come out with a quiet mood to it. The title “We’ve Drifted” will mean different things to different viewers. Perhaps the people populating the image have all, as a group, drifted to this dreamlike location, removed from their normal everyday lives. Or, drifted may refer to how close in proximity the figures all are and yet there is a feeling of distance in that there is very little interaction between them. For others, the focus may be on the male figure and the female figure who are in the foreground. They seem as if they could have arrived together, but in keeping their heads down, each preoccupied with their own searches, their paths split and they drifted unknowingly farther and farther apart.


Kathryn Yu was born in Dongying, China, but has resided in the United States from the age of 5. She received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to teach after-school art classes to over 400 youth in the Austin area throughout the years. While her very favorite medium to work with is oil paint, she loves to dabble in a variety of art styles and materials, even taking on a massive ongoing project of producing personalized Copic marker avatars for all of the monks who train in kung fu at the Shaolin Temple in China, the site where kung fu originated.