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Linda Green

Fourth Place

Linda Green

Linda Green

"It's About the Dance"

oil mixed media on canvas , 16" x 14"

Sale Price $550

Artist Statement

Howard Thurman, American author and educator once said, “Don’t worry about what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and do that.  Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”
The figure…drawing from life is my passion. It feeds my soul and gives meaning to my life.  In whatever I am drawing or creating, I strive to express how the light and the mood of the moment affects the subject.  Perhaps the viewer will see the subject in a new manner and will relate to my vision.

Artist Biography

Linda Green works in various media, including pastel, encaustic, oils and graphite. Mostly self-taught she has traveled extensively seeking instruction from artists such as Henry Yan, Richard McKinley, HungNiam Zhang and others. Most recently her love of the figure has led her to Paris and the Studio Escalier to work with Timothy Stotz and also to Santa Fe to learn from Anthony Ryder.
She lives in Maine with her husband where she maintains a studio.  Here a number of fellow artists meet to share a model and artistic knowledge.  She has been recognized locally for her sensitive line in drawing and her unique interpretations of the figure.