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Loshe Kondo

Second Place

Loshe Kondo

Loshe Kondo

" Triumph Mercy (Sprouting birth) "

Canvas on board, charcoal pencil , 9100 mm x 7300 mm

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Artist Statement

My work is mainly painting, photography, etc. It is mainly two dimensional activity.
There is a drawing on one of the big pillars constituting the work of my painting.
I believe that drawing is not merely to faithfully reproduce the shape that it sees and that I need to draw states that can not be expressed by the underlying facts and words.
The intention underlying the theme of this work is the birth of a new spirit born from the fusion of oriental culture and western culture.Also, I expect it.


1975 Graduated Musashino Art University
1976 Wined ” kansai-KOUDO-Prize” at Osaka Japan
1995 Representation agreement between Agora Gallery at NewYork
1996 Participated “7’eme GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL DE¬† PEINTURE A L’EAL” at Franch
1996 ONE-MAN-SHOW at Gallery SWAN at NewYork
1996 “ELEMENT OF NATURE!” Group Show at Agora Gallery at NewYork
Have many times one-man-show at domestic Japan