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Madeleine Zweifel

Second Place

Madeleine Zweifel

Madeleine Zweifel


Light Painting , 30" x 24"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

“Life is Light and Motion”. Light painting is the combination of light and motion and my way to bring forth unique interpretations of this axiom.

“Symmetry” is representative of my approach to light painting. While the camera is fixed on a tripod, I am in front of it, “drawing” with a flashlight that is directed at the camera. The flashlight, used as the light source, is modified with various tips called “blades” of perspex in order to get specific light behaviors. To achieve the desired range of colors, I use color gels. Light art requires a slow shutter speed – my paintings come about in a single exposure of 10 – 20 seconds typically – and thus is best performed at night or in a dark room.


Madeleine Zweifel was  born in Zurich in 1958. She is a translator turned photographer and digital artist. Specializing in headshot photography, Madeleine is also a macro photographer and a light painter.

Why photography? Deliberate choice later in life. Introvert by nature, it has always been challenging for her to get out and meet with people. Photography helps with that and is a great way for me to interact with people and express herself through this creative outlet.