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Maria Guadalupe Fernandez Ayala

Third Place

Maria Guadalupe Fernandez Ayala

Maria Guadalupe Fernandez Ayala

"Divine Maternity"

fabric and acrylic , 1.50 cm x 1 m

Sale Price $7500

Maria grew up in Irapuato, Gto, a small place at the center of Mexico. Since she was a child she was interested in art and had participated at art activities at school. Then she moved to Monterrey, N.L., to study the Law degree, and living in Monterrey she started to take art lesson at “Marco” the Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey, and then she enter into the lessons of the visual artist Lorena Rodriguez. Together with other students Maria has being part of several art expositions trying to express her vision of art and life. Her art includes Mexican origins with Mexican artisans pieces in a contemporary context. In other pieces she tries to represent the real world through the animal word and its relations with humans and the similar that the two species are. Maria uses several techniques like acrylic, drawing and installations in the same pieces.