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Skye Coddington

First Place

Skye Coddington

Skye Coddington

"Living Room Corner"

Oil on panel , 24" x 18"

Sale Price $864

Artist Statement

My background in photography is photojournalism – the art of telling a story through using composition, light, aperture, and the perfect timing of the shutter. Each of my paintings begins as an act of storytelling, a photograph, capturing a moment in time through the lens of my camera.  I then translate those images through my heart onto the canvas, allowing for a more subjective articulation of my experience.

In combining my photography and painting, my work has evolved into an expression of my gratitude and enthusiasm for life as it comes, and my unique way of viewing it. In creating and sharing my work with the world I hope to help my viewers connect with the abundance of the present moment, and bring something positive into their lives.


Skye Coddington is a homeschooling mom living on the Central Coast of California with her husband, two adorable children, and a menagerie of four-legged friends.

In her final year of high school she won a full scholarship to the commercial art program in Buffalo, New York. Following that, she attended SUNY Fredonia as an art major. After a year and a half of study, she was persuaded to choose a more “sensible” career.  She switched her major to political science with the intention of becoming a lawyer (she was always told that she was incredibly skilled at arguing). Alas, she also ended up taking photography classes during the last year of college, and wound up pursuing photography internships instead of law school.  Her second internship landed her at a community newspaper in California, where she honed her photographic skills, and learned the fine art of storytelling through the lens. After several years working at the newspaper as a photojournalist, she struck out on her own and open her own photography business.  When her babies came along, she turned her energies toward motherhood and homeschooling, although she still continued to shoot and paint when she could find the time.

In 2014 Skye began working with a local artist who helped her step back onto the path of painting on a regular basis.  Using her photography skills as an integral part of her painting process, Skye paints daily at her home studio in Arroyo Grande, setting a fine example for her babes on what it means to live a life pursuing one’s dreams.

Skye’s work is currently displayed at the Academy of Dance in San Luis Obispo, California; and The Hive in Arroyo Grande, California.