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Thom O’Connor – Dance Parade

First Place

Thom O’Connor – Dance Parade

Thom O'Connor

"Dance Parade"

Photography Pigment Print , 13" x 19"

Sale Price $175.00

Artist Statement

I was skeptical about photographing the inaugural New York Dance Parade. It was a whacky concept: Let’s dance for miles down Broadway and thru the streets of Greenwich Village. But, as with so many things in New York City, an interesting new approach will find an audience. Even though it was cold and gray and wet, the streets were lined with eager watchers. There were the usual contingents of favorites from the Caribbean and middle Europe, but also patriots from the icy north and the tropical Pacific. And, a strong field of alt-dancers, who came equipped with pogo sticks, roller skates and stilts.

Three things most of the dancers had in common: They loved all forms of dance, they were wildly energetic and they were totally un-self-conscious about their bodies. The woman in the photograph, who might be described by some as zaftig, was a charming performer, dancing naturally for all the miles of the parade. She made the day warmer.


Artist Biography

Thom O’Connor has been making photographs for 55 years.  His editorial images have appeared in major American magazines and newspaper, including The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, PC Magazine, Parade, The Chicago Sun-Times and Prevention.

Thom has taught photography and design at Long Island University and The College of New Rochelle. He has written on photography for Popular Photography, American Photographer, Lens Magazine, USA Today, Photo District News, and The ASMP Bulletin.

O’Connor has been a member of the Highlands Photography Gallery in Milford, Pennsylvania, and the Fototo Gallery in Huntington, New York. He is currently a member of the Soho Photo gallery in New York City. Recent solo exhibits of his fine art photography have included: “Ireland, Not So Long Ago,” “The Golden Hour,” “Intersections,” “Empty City,” “Something About The Light,” “We Ain’t Neva’ Scared,” and most recently “The Project.”Thom is the proprietor of The TableTop Studio, in New York City.