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Tobi Held

Second Place

Tobi Held

Tobi Held

" FulFillment"

Oil Mixed Media , 60" x 48

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement


Tobi Held is a passionate artist who puts a bit of herself into each painting, unleashing her emotions with each brush stroke. Working with oil paints and mixed media, Tobi presents what is at times an amalgamation of still life and abstraction. What shines through is an obsession with the process itself. Her work exhibits a refined palette on a variety of subjects. Rather than exhausting one particular subject, Tobi chooses to challenge herself and broaden her technical skills with this myriad of subject matter. Despite her paintings ' exploration of various themes, each piece has unmistakablefeeling, showing off her genuine love for art. As a child, Tobi dreamed of becoming an artist. She has trained since then with art classes, graduating from Boston University, School of Fine Arts with a degree in graphic design and art history.