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Creative Inspiration 2018

Entry Deadline Change:

Please See Explanation at the Top of the Prospectus Page

Old Deadline: August 7  –  NEW DEADLINE – August 21

Exhibition Online:  August 27 – September 24

Creativity is not a competition, its a passion.

Share Your Passion

All artistic styles and media are accepted for this exhibition: Realism through total abstraction; 2-D &  3-D media as well as installation images.
Juror – Caryl Morgan
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NOTE: The timeline has changed due to hard drive crash and then unable to reinstall previous operating system on the new drive. The new OS will not run old software so I am starting all over and it takes some time (and yes I backed things up but again those things run on software no longer compatible to my new hard drive.) For those of you like me that used to be resistant to paying for and storing everything in the cloud, I say to you, learn from my mistakes! Store it on the cloud but also continue using your external drive to back up too (just in case the cloud gets blown away, LOL)

Creative Inspiration 2018

(Old Deadline: August 7) NEW ENTRY DEADLINE – August 21

Exhibition Online: (August 12  – September 9) August 27 – September 24

All artistic styles and media are accepted for this exhibition: Realism through total abstraction; 2-D &  3-D media as well as images of installations.

Juror – Caryl Morgan

Eligibility – All artists 18 and over may enter.

Media – 2-D works in all types of media as well as images of 3-dimensional fine art and installations are accepted.

Judging Criteria- Originality, interpretation of theme, and mastery of medium.

Entry Fee – $30 for 1 -3 pieces (You can enter again if you would like to submit more than 3 images).

Image Requirements:

  • Image should not exceed 1.5 MB. (If you need help resizing your images just contact
  • Image should be .jpeg format @ 120dpi.
  • Image should not contain any frame, mat, or watermark.
  • Image should be labeled as LastName_FirstName_Title of Art .jpeg
  • Image should be clear and in focus. The image you submit represents your work and it will be displayed / judged the same way it is received.
  • Work must be recent (4 years or newer) and not previously shown on this site.
  • Art submitted must be original, not a facsimile print of the original art other than photography and digitally generated art.
  • Art does not have to be for sale, but can be.

Cash awards will be sent via PayPal to the top 5 award winners after the exhibition ends.

Best of Show – $75, First Place – $50, Second Place – $25, Third Place $25 and Fourth Place – $25. These cash awards are possible because of increased participation on this web site. As participation on this site continues to grow the intent of Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery is to give larger cash awards.

Awards – “Best of Show,” 1st, 2nd, 3rd  & 4th place will be awarded by the juror of the show. The award-winning artists will have their art prominently featured along with an article about their art career for the month, thus establishing a permanent archival link to their work. Honorable Mention will also be awarded at the discretion of the juror and those artists will be identified separately from the general exhibition. All accepted works will be displayed with the artist name, title of work, medium and a link back to their website, or email address if they do not have a website.

Award Certificate: Best of Show, First Place, Second Place, Third Place  and Fourth Place will receive an Award of Excellence Certificate by email in addition to  cash award paid through Pay Pal after the show closes.

Honorable Mention selectees will be emailed a printable pdf. Award of Excellence Certificate after exhibition closes.

All other artist juried into the exhibition will receive an Award of Merit by email after exhibition closes.

Master Artist Award: Any artist that receive one of the top four awards three times will also receive a specially designed award from Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery to commemorate their outstanding achievement.

Sales– All sales are conducted solely between the artist and the buyer. Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission.

If you have any questions, please email Caryl Morgan at:

After completing the entry form below, you will be directed to the payment page.

The entry fee must be paid in full at the time of submission for your works to be entered.

If you do not pay as you submit your entry, the entry will be deleted and you will have to resubmit with your entry payment fee.

We use PayPal.

You will need to have a PayPal account to enter. If you do not have one please create one here.


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Usage Rights

By clicking accept, the artist, agrees to allow Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery to use your submitted image for art exhibition, as it is submitted for the exhibition, as well as for marketing, promotional, and display purposes related to promoting the Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery web site. You, the artist, also agree to allow Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery to archive your image, labeled with your name, title of art work and the link you provided during the submission process to your website or email. The archive will be available for public viewing on The artist shall retain all copyrights of any image(s) submitted to Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery. Images will not be resold, exchanged, copied, or downloaded from this website.

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