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Call for Entry – Accepting Entries Now

 Entry Deadline October 28

Show Opens November 5

“2 & 3 Dimensions + Time, Space & Beyond”

All artist know about two and three dimension and some are familiar with time and space as additional dimensions. However, scientists know string theory research continues to discover more and as many as 11 more can be proven. Artist always spin art from scientific exploration and this exhibition will prove that artist creativity parallels scientific exploration. All media, including photos of installations are accepted except video.

Create what we may soon see as we travel through space or just invent great art from the confines of mother earth.

Artists are free to interpret this theme in any fashion they deem appropriate.



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Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery was created to provide artists with a quality exhibition venue and experience regardless of their geographic location.

Skeptics of this website call it a “Pay to Play” art gallery but the small entry fee pays for the costs of hosting this gallery. The entry fee is less than most national juried art competitions. Exhibiting at Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery costs less than at a traditional brick and mortar gallery because there are no commission fees or framing and shipping costs paid by the artist.

The jury process insures that good quality fine art is exhibited and like any juried art competition, not every artist or every piece of art is accepted into the show.

Artists that submit work for jury are to be commended  for the pursuit of career and creative goals that bring them to this website.            

 -Caryl Morgan – Director – Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery 

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

The title of the gallery, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, was developed to promote modern trends in art (Bauhaus School – soon to celebrate it’s founding 100 years ago) and Prairie to represent traditional art. Both modern and traditional art styles are encouraged and welcome on this site.


Each exhibition will feature a different art theme. The juror will be announced with each exhibition and will be drawn from a highly creative pool of master artists or juried by the developer of this online gallery, Caryl Morgan.  A “Call for Entry” will be announced on the website 4-6 weeks before the opening date. The call for entry will also be listed on Art Deadline, Art List, Art, College Art Association as well as other prominent and pertinent websites.

Artists will follow the prospectus posted on this website to submit art for jury for the online exhibition. Artists will be notified via email of awards and acceptance. Art images, prospectus entry form and entry fee will be submitted online.

“Best of Show,” 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, will be awarded by the juror of the show each month. Cash awards are as follows: Best of Show – $75, First Place – $50, Second, Third & Fourth Place – $25 each.

The award-winning artists will have their art prominently featured along with an article about their art career for the month, thus establishing a permanent archival link to their work and personal profile.

The top five will receive a printable “Award of Excellence” certificate by email. Honorable Mention artist will be emailed a printable award certificate. Artists in the general show will receive a printable Award of Merit. Any artist placing in the top 5 categories three times will receive a specially designed award to commemorate this achievement.

Up to eight Honorable Mentions will also be awarded at the discretion of the juror. All art that is juried into the show will be displayed with the artist’s name, title, medium, image size, price and a link to their website or email.

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery does not take any commission from sales because all sales are between the artist and the buyer.

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