Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

Celebrating the modernity of creative contemporary and traditional art through online art competition


Mission Statement

Celebrating the modernity of creative contemporary and traditional art through online art competition.


The Gallery

The name, “Bauhaus Prairie,” is a nod to the Bauhaus School’s Utopian philosophy of re-imaging the material world to reflect the unity of all arts. This philosophy is blended with the “Prairie Style” belief of integrating art into the natural environment. Inspired by these two traditions, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery utilizes technology to promote all styles of art created today and was created to provide a virtual venue to exhibit fine art and to promote the careers of artists.

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery’s art exhibitions will give all artists the opportunity for national and international exposure and recognition regardless of where they live and produce their art…be it urban or rural areas. Participation in the exhibitions establishes an archival link to all art juried into Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery shows.


The Exhibition

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery will host an online art exhibitions with a a variety of art themes. The juror for each event will be announced with each exhibition. Call for Entries will be posted on this website approximately four weeks ahead of the opening date.

Artists will follow the prospectus to submit art for jury for the online exhibition. The digital art images, information specified in the prospectus and entry fees will be submitted online. Artists will be notified via email of acceptance.

“Best of Show,” 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place, will be awarded by the juror of the show each month. Honorable Mention will also be awarded at the discretion of the juror. The award-winning artists will have their art prominently featured along with an article about their art career for the month, thus establishing a permanent archival link to their work.

Awards – “Best of Show,” 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th  place will be awarded by the juror of the show. Honorable Mention will also be awarded at the discretion of the juror and those artists will be identified separately from the general exhibition. All accepted works will be displayed with the artist name, title of work, medium and a link back to their website, or email address if they do not have a website.

Award Certificate: Best of Show, First Place, Second Place,  Third  and Fourth Place will receive a printable Award of Excellence Certificate by email. Honorable Mention selectees will receive a printable pdf. certificate by email. Artists in the general show will receive a printable Award of Merit by email.

Award Medal: Artist that receive one of the top five awards three times will also receive a award plaque from Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery to commemorate their outstanding achievement.

Cash Awards: Best of Show – $75, First Place – $50, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Place – $25 each. Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery hopes to increase the cash awards as entries increase.

Posting the link to the show you are in established by Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery to the artist’s resume is an excellent way to bring attention to the artist’s work.  All art that is juried into the show will be displayed with the artist’s name, title of work, medium, image size and price as well as a link to either their website or email.

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery does not take any commission from sales because all sales are between the artist and the buyer.


Concept Designer

Art is my passion and my driving force. I have had the opportunity to teach my passion for many years at the high school and college level and then take early retirement from teaching to become a full time artist. In ten years after teaching retirement I went from an “emerging” artist to a nationally and internationally exhibiting artist.

I have worked hard to receive recognition for my art. It has never been an easy path but I continue to move forward in my pursuit of the creative. I have made it my objective to never become stasis in what I create but instead be open to all forms of creativity, both 2 and 3-dimensional, as well as the endless possibilities to create in the conceptual and virtual world. I welcome conversation about the arts to strengthen my art practice as well as enjoy sharing my knowledge of how to enter the art world and sustain the artist lifestyle.

I feel Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery is a great venue for emerging artists as well as established artists to exhibit work. New artists can use this venue as an entry point for national exposure. Artists with established careers can use this platform to launch new projects outside their normal genre. All artists should be willing to experiment and grow. Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery provides an opportunity to introduce ideas and boost career possibilities for all artists.

Most importantly, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery provides artists a venue to exhibit in a quality juried exhibition without the restraint of geographic location or the high commission fees charged by brick and mortar location galleries. Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery does not charge any commission on sales because all sales are between the artist and the buyer. The artist retains all rights to their artwork.

‐Caryl Morgan