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Alexey Zoob

Third Place

Alexey Zoob

Alexey Zoob


Oil on Linen , 48" x 60"

Sale Price $10000

Artist Statement

My painting is inspired by European postimpressionist poetic motives together with classic understanding of Fine Art traditional interpretation. I do believe there is no end to figurative painting at all. Any skillful, significant master just adds new word, line, verse or, even novel, to the interminable Book of Painting. We all learn from Life and Nature, which, even developing, still proposes us the same human and artistic values as it was in Ancient Greece or Renaissance Italy.

You cannot call any good artist quite new. He is just a new step in sublimation and analysis of those who influence him most, thus we see Titian behind Modigliani, Caravaggio behind Picasso. Art is the union of different artistic aspiration.



I was born and raised in Russia where I got fundamental classic education in monumental painting and sculpture. I graduated from Stroganov Art Academy in Moscow 1991 where I participated in various student exhibitions in Sweden, Japan and Italy, but seeking my own path in art I moved to Israel where slowly but steadily I began to paint, to create my own world without looking at the temptations of momentous modern conceptual art” fame and glory “ I spent some time among the Israeli artists participating in various exhibitions in the prestigious galleries such like Jerusalem Theater, in 2003 I moved to US where my art was generously supported by famous philanthropist Len Blavatnik and late Ann Loeb Bronfman. In 2007 I won the Gran Prix in International Miniature Painting Competition (under Washington Miniature Painting Society) I have exhibited my works in the best Washington area galleries. It makes me really glad to see that my painting is understood and appreciated in US and I have chance to work wholeheartedly in what I consider ”my painting”- in style, in color in line.

I reside in Bethesda MD, where I teach art in my studio and paint and exhibit my works.

1982 -1986 – Art college in Saratov BA degree(painting and sculpture)

1986- 1991 – Stroganov Art School in Moscow MA degree ( monumental painting)

  • – Student exhibitions in Tokyo, Moscow and Stockholm.
  • – Member of Painters and Sculptors Association of Israel

1993 -Exhibition in Moscow Modern Art Center – presentation the idea of using Matryoshka dolls as portable symbols of “mini monumental art”.

1992- 1996 Commission in murals for Jeffrey Sweetbaum.

  • – Solo and group exhibition in Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, by the Israeli Ministry of Culture patronage

1997-1999       Lived and worked in the Sa-Nur Artist Village in Samaria, several exhibitions in the local Gallery.

  • – Solo exhibition in Mitzpe Hayamim Gallery, Israel

2002 -2003 Lived in New York, exhibition in Alexandre Gertsman “Intart” Gallery, cooperation in designing murals for Mr. Blavatnik house (Medin Room) with the office of architect Thierry Despont. Two solo exhibitions in Mr. Len Blavatnik Office on 5th avenue.

  • – Solo exhibition in AvantGarde Gallery, Washington DC.
  • – solo exhibition in Goldman Art Gallery, Rockville MD
  • – Participation in Modern Russian Art auction Project with group exhibition in Gallery “5” Richmond VA.
  • -solo exhibition in Russian Cultural Center Gallery, Washington DC     2007 – solo exhibition in Arts Barn Gallery, Gaithersburg MD
  • – solo exhibition in Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville MD
  • – solo exhibition in Smith Parada Gallery in Georgetown Washington DC
  • – group exhibition in Strathmore Gallery Bethesda MD
  • – solo exhibition in Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery in Washington DC
  • -solo exhibition in Frangulian Gallerie, Paris, France
  • – solo exhibition in Kentland Mansion Gallery Gaithersburg MD
  • – solo exhibition in Bohrer Park Gallery Gaithersburg MD
  • – solo exhibition in Historic Churchhill Hotel foyer -gallery Washington DC

2015- solo exhibit in Glenview Mansion Gallery and Arts Barn Gallery.       2016 – solo exhibition in Chesapeake Gallery North Potomac MD