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Alison Kruse

Second Place

Alison Kruse

Alison Kruse

"Mr. Justin"

oil on canvas , 24" x 18"

Sale Price $NFS

Alison Kruse Artist Statement

My work reflects my interest in the private/ public domains of the home. Using the daily routine as an inspiration, my paintings are intended to be scenes of comfort. While they are familiar scenes, they lack clarity. Using rapid application, drawing, or keeping the board or canvas visible, I want my paintings to represent candidness as well as the idea of fleeting memory. I am cataloguing the inner thought that goes on behind every day. The home is associated with the feeling of comfort and being safe. I want these paintings to reflect that while targeting themes of anxiety, restlessness, and the anticipation of change.


Short Resume

Alison Kruse was born in Princeton, New Jersey. Alison has her Bachelor of Fine Art and a minor in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario.  Her work reflects her interest in the private/ public domain of the home. Heavily inspired by Nordic art, her style is expressive Impressionism. Her work will be on display in Small World Coffee in Princeton New Jersey from June 13th to July 13th .