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Ana-Gabriela Florea – 9028

Third Place

Ana-Gabriela Florea – 9028

Ana-Gabriela Florea


Oil & spray on Canvas , 150" x 197"

Sale Price $15,000

Artist Statement

To show yourself, to expose yourself, to like to do that. To make it by yourself, through yourself, from yourself – this is an option. You do something as desired end of obtained. I wanted to have me. I did it. I did myself great. What do I do next? I am putting myself into an attic or going into the world? Metaphoric – through the work, literally – through she, the author, me. I see myself well, but I can not show myself to you like this. If you’re honest, you’re smashed. I want you to see me, but I am shy, I want to make you feel uncomfortable. Look at me from a distance. We keep our distance. We are approaching by the idea, we are breaking through the real. And the reality is full of walls. Not full, but there are always four. Or so it sounds good. And a eye-hall. Talk from there. Or not. As you wish?!

And the dots. Why dots? So I felt now. That is enough, do we like to say like that!? Not. Everything has an explanation. But mine, here, did not looked good.

“I love all dots. I am married to many of them. I want all dots to be happy. Dots are my brothers. I am a dot myself.”   –    Sigmar Polke


2013 – 2016 – National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania, Painting Department, Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts 2013 – 2016 – National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania, Teacher Training Department, Psycho-pedagogical Training in Visual Arts Level 1

Exhibitions / Group:

2016 – ”Diploma” – The Institute, Stirbey Palace Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania 2016 – “In pursuit of the present”, Art House Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (National)

2015 – “The new angels of justice”, Academy Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (National) 2015 – “ The drawing”, Mansard Gallery, Timisoara, Romania (National)

2015 – “Point”, Pitesti, Romania (National) 2014 – Dales Hall, Bucharest, Romania (National) 2012 – Art Gallery of the Romanian Academy Library , Bucharest, Romania (National)

2012 – at the Romanian stand, Kermes 2012 Exhibition, Spain (International)

2011 – “Signs and Symbols” , Brussels, Belgium (International) 2011 – Social Workers Center, Madrid, Spain (International)

2009 – “The colors of Byala” , Byala, Bulgaria (International)

2008 – “Mazes” , Debut Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (International)

2008 – “Impressions”, Debut Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (International)


The biennale prize 2015 – first place, drawing contest, Timisoara, Romania