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Stacia Baker – Venecian Dream

Best of Show

Stacia Baker – Venecian Dream

Stacia Baker

"Venecian Dream "

Oil , 30" x 24"

Sale Price $575

Artist Statement

I paint what reaches the soul, bringing light to the darkness and darkness to the light. My use of color in bold, rich, and vibrant hues seeks to spark joy and elevate the viewer’s spirit. I use tones and movement that conversely arrest the viewer: I hope to cause a pause and a ponder, and leave the beholder feeling touched in a tangible way.

Artist’s Biography

I live on the Western slope of Colorado where I am a family practice physician and an artist. This combination allows me to weave my love of art, beauty and healing with those who interact with me as a patient, a friend or an admirer of my art. My medium is primary acrylic on canvas and paper with a bit of graphite, charcoal, ink and oil pastels thrown in here and there. I am mostly a self- taught artist.

I am inspired by natural beauty and by my feelings as I navigate the joys and sorrows of life. I picked up my first paintbrush in August of 2012 while going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. It helped me to heal, to recover and has been a life changer.

I have sold nationwide.