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Beatriz Quinonez-Czwakiel

Best of Show

Beatriz Quinonez-Czwakiel

Beatriz Quinonez-Czwakiel

"Blue Flower"

Ceramic ,

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Artist Statement

I have always been inspired by nature and the different seasons that bring the change of colors with them. Flowers are the primary influence for my artwork. My artwork is made from stoneware clay that has been thrown on the wheel, altered, and staked two or more forms. Carving petals, leaves, or other plant life to the surface adds visual movement and is enhanced using multiple glazes to create the array of colors. My pottery is functional, and decorative, but yet simple and elegant.


Artist Biography

Beatriz Quinonez-Czwakiel is a Mexican-born artist who is currently completing her B.F.A. concentrating in ceramics at Nicholls State University in Louisiana. Her influences for her work portray nature by using leaves or flowers to decoration functional pottery. Flowers in particular because they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so no two flowers are the same as no two pots are exactly the same. The forms are thrown on the wheel then altered or stacked, but they are simple and elegant.  Carving a specific type of petal on the form defines the type of flower the pot will become. Leaves or vines are added to the base to give it more texture.