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Curt Gruel – Best of Show

Best of Show

Curt Gruel – Best of Show

Curt Gruel


Mixed media on paper , 9.75" x 6.4"

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Artist Statement

Painting is a way for me to respond to what I see. I’ll be driving along, hiking, walking my dog, or strolling through a garden, and then, wham!, something hits me, and inside I hear myself saying, “Oh, oh, oh, that’s it!” Something about it – a pattern of light and dark, a highlight, a contour, a color, a feeling of balance or rightness – strikes me, speaks to me, sings to me, and I want to remember it. So I’ll take a photograph. Then (or months later) I’ll gaze at the image, speaking to it, letting it speak back to me, trying to discern what it says to me, what about it evoked wonder and delight in me. When that happens, I paint as a humble attempt to express worship, wonder, celebration, and thanksgiving. Abstract is new to me, and different, even though the abstract is often based on a concrete image in my experience. Then the conversation is between me and the painting itself as it expresses what it wants to become, and I express what I envision for it. Sometimes it works; sometimes not.


Artist Biography

I started painting in college as a hobby, and continued to paint sporadically and intermittently during my training and career as a physician. I retired in 2006 to attend seminary, and upon graduating, turned my daughter’s vacated bedroom into a studio and began to paint again. I am self-taught, and kind of like that, because I don’t paint like anyone else. I generally paint from photographs, sometimes from memory, or just from impressions I carry away from a subject that sings to me.