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Catherine Shapiro

Second Place

Catherine Shapiro

Catherine Shapiro

"White Vase"

Pastel , 11" x 14"

Sale Price $225

Artist Statement

Nature has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Each painting has a personality, all of them beautiful in their own way. The process of creating a still life has always been a huge surprise. Despite their name, these quiet creations are only fleeting moments. As artists, we see this bit of controlled chaos — but we are equally finite creations ourselves. We can only try, after a struggle, to capture these gems on canvas. That makes them, like people, very unpredictable and exciting!

In the finished work, I always try to recall that energy and keep the element of surprise intact. ‘White Vase’ was actually conceived at an outdoor café during my lunch hour.

I also enjoy participating in outdoor events such as the Tamarac ArtsFest, in April of 2017. Currently I’m getting ready for a solo exhibit in Plantation, Florida. My most recent event was held in the Broward County Northwest Regional Library. It had twenty pieces on display.

Artist Biography

Catherine Shapiro works in a wide variety of media, including pastel. She is married and paints in her home based studio called CMS Creations Gallery. The artist, a native Californian, adopted the great state of Florida in 2004. Other exhibits include:

Armory Art Center’s “ADL ArtWorks: Equality & Justice in Art” in West Palm Beach Florida.

Featured Artist May 2017 – “By Any Other Name”. National Parkinson’s Foundation’s Creativity Calendar

Featured Artist – “Flight” ACTion Art Exhibit, Grand Rapids MI Art Museum, March 2017

Catherine is a regular participant in local art shows and community events. Currently, she is getting ready for a solo exhibit in the Westfield Gallery in Plantation, Florida. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you might have.