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Cathy Rowten – Golden Time

Third Place

Cathy Rowten – Golden Time

Cathy Rowten

"Golden Time"

Oil on Canvas , 16" x 12"

Sale Price $1750

Primarily, a portrait painter, Cathy’s figurative pieces range from the classical style of commissioned portraits, to loose, contemporary and edgier renditions of her subjects.

Exploring the many ways of interpreting the human face and form offers an endless supply of challenges for the artist. “If I can use an unexpected color to emulate the same play of light and shadow, yet create more of the mood and feeling I want to project, I feel as if I have learned some new words in the language of art, that lets me express more of myself,” says Cathy.

She strives for paintings that form a relationship with the viewer because the subjects are people we can relate to, yet have a mystery about them that invites us to know more,. Cathy’s recent series of provocative and moody poses of women, entitled “Women of Mystery”, have made their way into numerous shows across the country, and on to collector’s walls.

Cathy is a Signature member of American Women Artists with award winning work in national shows and galleries. She also does commissioned portraits as well.


Artist Statement

My paintings are footprints of my journey in learning to express myself with art. Though I love nature and landscapes, I always come back to the figure as my primary inspiration. I never tire of seeing different ways light affects the contours of a face or the simple beauty of a standing dancer. While it is impossible to do proper justice to the human form, it is the challenge that motivates me.