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Christina Baal

First Place

Christina Baal

Christina Baal

"Dance of the Sandhill Crane"

Watercolor , 18" x 24"

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Artist Statement:

My life revolves around birds. They are remarkable creatures, each possessing unique physical traits, behaviors, and personality quirks. I wander the world trying to meet as many different species of birds as I can so that I can paint them. My goal is to render both the story of my own experience meeting each bird as well as the spirit of the individual bird in the painting; to that end, I only paint a bird after I have encountered it in the wild. I hope that my paintings share the personal joy I derive from watching birds and invite the viewer to delve deeper into the fascinating lives of these winged creatures.



Christina is a wandering bird artist whose life dream is to meet and then paint 10,000 different species of birds. She has always loved animals and has been drawing them since she could hold a crayon. After discovering the world of birding as a student at Bard College, she decided to dedicate her artistic practice to painting birds as a way to fuse her love of both the arts and sciences and to help teach and inspire others to discover the world of birds. After graduating in 2014, she founded her own company, “Drawing 10,000 Birds” as both a platform to promote her own art as well as the bird art of others. Since then, she has traveled across the country and across the Equator looking for birds. While not birding or painting birds, Christina works as an environmental educator, helping teach people of all ages how to experience the natural world through both scientific observation and through art.


Her work has been exhibited in recent wildlife exhibitions, including “Drawn to Nature” at the Audubon Center at Mill Grove, Pennsylvania; “Birdland and the Anthropocene” at the Peale Museum, Baltimore; and at a solo show entitled “The Universal Language of Birds” at the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery, Wyoming. Her artwork has represented the New Jersey Audubon World Series of Birding and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. She has been a featured artist at the American Birding Association, and will be the first guest artist at the New River Birding and Nature Festival this May.