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Gary Johnson

Second Place

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson


Watercolor , 22" x 21"

Sale Price $1750

Artist Statement – “Imagination”

The “Dynamics of Dominance and Value” in the abstract art Imagination that I created are but two of the design elements and principles that have become the central theme in the work I produce, exhibit and teach. Dominance is exhibited in many ways: color, shape, texture, and line are all forms of dominance utilized in this work. The predominantly warm colors are balanced with a small grouping of subordinated cooler colors.

The dominance of multiple curvilinear shapes are offset nicely by smaller geometric shapes. These are the two key forms of dominance that I try to produce when working on a watercolor abstract. Other elements that tend to support these characteristics of my work are textures which are derived in multiple ways as well as the use of line to help pull the piece together and the multiple washes that allow the transparency of watercolor to come shining through providing changes in value throughout the composition.



Gary Johnson, Fayetteville, AR is primarily a watercolor artist but thoroughly enjoys the results that acrylic mediums allow. Gary has lived and worked in many different areas of the US and became interested in art as he grew closer to retirement. He’s a self-taught artist, although he has taken numerous work shops around the country and has studied numerous texts and journals on the subject to enhance his skill level. He’s a Signature Artist in Excellence in the South Carolina Watermedia Society and is a member of many regional and national watermedia organizations around the country. He was recently ju-
ried into the Watercolor USA Exhibition, the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Ex-hibition, and the Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition.