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Heather Joy Puskarich

First Place

Heather Joy Puskarich

Heather Joy Puskarich

"Heautoscopic Jaunt"

Solid cast and sculpted white chocolate , 1600 x 2400

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Artist Statement & Biography

Heather Joy Puskarich studied Sculpture and Dimensional Studies at Alfred University where she graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts. Her work shows nationally and internationally, including recent juried shows, Artprize at the FED Galleries/ Kendall College of Art and Design, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, the Kinsey Institute, and the State Museum of Pennsylvania, where she received awards in both photography and sculpture. Her images have been selected for Corning Museum’s New Glass Review 36 and she was named one of the 20 Women of Power in Maniac, Pittsburgh’s Fashion Magazine. Since graduating, Heather Joy has served as an adjunct professor of Contemporary Art, has been named the Cultural Director in the Woodlands TX and is active in the community while continuing her artistic practice. As an interdisciplinary artist, she blurs the lines between artistic traditions and encourages material and social exploration. Heather Joy currently lives and works in The Woodlands TX.

“As Georges Bataille so eloquently puts it, “To look at an object with desire is to appropriate it, to enjoy it. To desire is to pollute; to desire is to take.”

The evocation of desire influences my decision to utilize images of women, specifically in the form of self-portraiture. In my practice, I strive to use consumer waste, cutoffs, expired, and thrown-away materials. I work intuitively with materials, exploring ideas of desire and consumption by utilizing recycled and overlooked materials such as confectionaries, glass, metals, soaps, and cosmetics. I question ideas of commercialism and my practice, how I consume and am consumed by my environment. The tension and contradictory nature of my work is the catalyst for my self-exploration. By utilizing my own body in tandem with both ephemeral and lasting materials, I am responding to change, aging, my own ideas of desire, beauty, and the search for identity.