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Jarred Fisher

First Place

Jarred Fisher

Jarred Fisher

"Falling Leaves"

Silver, Gold, and Iron (Oxidized) on Paper/ Metalpoint Drawing , 12'' x 8''

Sale Price $900

Artist Statement

“Falling Leaves” actually started out as a series of compositional sketches for a larger painting. The model I happened to be working with at that time had long, red, wavy hair, and that led me to think about how I could possibly express the qualities of her hair in one my favorite mediums, metalpoint drawing, which is traditionally devoid of both color and texture.

Control over traditional metalpoint (gold, silver, platinum, ect) can be a somewhat capricious enterprise because the materials have something of a life of their own. It’s these “living qualities” of metalpoint that I prize however. That the metals oxidize and organically transform with time, that marks can’t be erased and serve as historical reminders of the mistakes that lead to a finished work are part of what make the medium so captivating to me. In trying to add ferrous metals to the equation, I found myself struggling to gain the necessary control required to create realistic works. After countless hours of experiments (including a destroyed prior version of the drawing), I ascertained how to best control the oxidizing/rusting process, how to influence the color/value of the rust, and how to not destroy the other metals used in the process.

My desire to express particular qualities of the model, which were limited by the media, compelled me to invent and experiment. “Falling Leaves” represents a theme I constantly finding myself wrestling with as an artist, marrying the traditional and classical with contemporary progress. In “Falling Leaves” this marriage led to a unique work which is pushing my endeavors in metalpoint in exciting new directions.


Art Biography

Based in Wilmington, DE, Jarred Fisher is a contemporary realist artist. He studied at Nelson Shank’s Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, PA, graduating in 2016. He also holds a degree in Fine Art from Delaware College of Art and Design in Wilmington, DE.

His work has been part of numerous juried exhibitions including shows at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia, PA, Manitou galleries in Santa Fe, NM, and Stanek Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. His work has also received various recognitions and awards.

As a firm believer in the importance of skills-based art education, Fisher also serves as an Upper School Art teacher at Doane Academy in Burlington, New Jersey as part of Studio Incamminati’s outreach program.