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Joe Jones – Layer Cake

Second Place

Joe Jones – Layer Cake

Joe Jones

"Layer Cake"

Acrylics , 24" x 36"

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This piece is of the Horseshoe bend in the Colorado river,as viewed from Dead Horse Point, near Moab, Utah. I titled it “Layer Cake” because of the layers  of the canyon has been referred by others as resembling a layered cake.

I was sketching before I entered grade school, and was doing landscapes with colored pencils by age ten. I was dabbling with water color and oil paints by the time I entered high school. I majored in art at Grand Junction High School.and graduated from Mesa Junior College (now Colorado Mesa University, majoring in Applied Arts.

I served in the Army in Korea during the Viet Nam War. Following dischargefrom the Army I attended the University of Hawaii where I earned an Applied Arts degree and a Masters degree in Asian Art History.

I married while in Hawaii, laid down my art brushes, picked up lettering brushes and worked as a commercial artist in Dallas, Texas. I had my own sign company, A & E Signs, in Dallas for fifteen years. I returned to mybeloved western Colorado and worked as a graphic designer at Pyramid Printing and AlphaGraphics until I retired.

After a forty five year hiatus, and at the encouragement of a former college girlfriend, I picked up artist brushes and began painting again in November of 2010. Much to my happy surprise, the paintings I have produced upon returning to art have been superior to those I produced before the hiatus. I primarily paints landscapes of actual places because I enjoys the challenge of attempting to copy the “master” — the Artist of all creation –though I admit that “the best of my work is but a dim reflection of His.”

I have always loved art.