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Leif Sohlman

Best of Show

Leif Sohlman

Leif Sohlman

"March 2019 "

Phtotography , 152cm x 108cm

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement

March 2019 BW, a view at path over Dyarna, a swampy area south of city Enkoeping (Enkoping) Sweden, a winter day 2019 in black and white. The pathway is covered with white snow, beside the boardwalk old yellowed grass from last year is seen. The image is taken from a low level like a very little child would see the world. We should sometimes think what the world is like in other peoples view.



Leif Sohlman is an amateur photographer/digital artist mainly working with nature and landscapes. He is working with landscapes, flowers and macro photography and sometimes with digital art as photo painting and abstract work. He mostly find his motives in the surroundings of his home in City Enköping ( Enkoping, Enkoeping) Sweden