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Marcia Berg Haskell

First Place

Marcia Berg Haskell

Marcia Berg Haskell

"In & Out "

Digital Photograph , 14" x 19"

Sale Price $450


Artist Statement

‘In or Out’ is one of a series of images where Marcia explores the images shown from reflected and transmitted lighting.  She became interested in what she saw when looking in store windows on busy streets.  Her interests were enhanced by store windows that had strong angles which enhanced or manipulated the things behind the window by the reflections from the streets.  The unpredictability of action on the street, light from the street lamps and sunlight contrasts with the fixed objects within the store along with customers provides opportunities for viewing interactions that are both spontaneous and predefined.  It is that interaction that holds Marcia’s interest.


Artist Biography


Marcia grew up in Brooklyn, NY.  As a child her poor eyesight, meant she couldn’t see the things her friends could.  Buying her first camera, at 10 years old, opened a new world to her.  for the first time, she could see the world clearly.  From that moment to the present, she has always had a camera close at hand.

In high school, she found she had a love for science.  After graduating from Brandeis University, she went to work as a chemist.  But, her interests in learning led her to spent her career moving from one field to the next.  Her focus on technical fields affected her creative work as well.  Her photography consisted of capturing the literal world around her, with an emphasis on landscapes, structures and architecture, and waterscapes. 

When Marcia retired, she searched for new activities to occupy her time.  Her approach was to take adult eduction courses in subjects she didn’t know anything about:  abstract photography, drawing, and painting all captured her enthusiasm. Since then, she has devoted her efforts to all 3.

Today, Marcia spends her time creating art to express her vision of the external and internal world she experiences.  She uses her photography to convey the beauty and patterns of her physical world, her ‘fractured fotographs’ convey the possibilities of manipulating the physical world to show new patterns and possibilities and her paintings create original work that conveys emotions, feelings and mood.  Marcia’s goal in all her work is to convey, to the viewer, her reactions to the world and everything it contains.

Marcia’s photographs and paintings have been juried into shows at the Cambridge Art Association, and several online juried galleries including Bauhaus Prairie, Heaven Art Gallery USA,, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, and Fusion Art Gallery – Palm Springs.  Her work, in the last 6 months,  has been judged from ‘Juror’s Choice’ to  ‘Honorable Mention’.