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Marino Nakano – “Seed”

Best of Show

Marino Nakano – “Seed”

Marino Nakano


Pen on paper , 21.4" x 15.5"

Sale Price $NFS

Artist Statement

I am pursuing beauty of black in black to illuminate essence of motifs.  The most of motifs are derived from emotional concepts, such as hope, frustration, and sadness, which arise from everyday matters.  In order to portray complexity and ambiguity of these emotions, I’m focusing on depicting monochrome images by manipulating elaborate blackness.



Marino Nakano is a Japanese-born artist who graduated “Musashino Art University” with B.A. Fine Art specialized in oil painting in Japan.  During her University days, she realized that monochrome pen drawing can express her inner core freely rather than oil paintings. This discovery encouraged her motivation to come up with further art works.  After graduating the University in Japan, she decided to relocate to the UK so as to study art more deeply. In the UK, she entered University for the Creative Arts (a.k.a UCA) and studied Textile Design there.  During she was in the university, she had created textured fabric which is hand dyed in black. Also, she was selected as a nominee of one of the best awards for new designers in the UK, called “Texprint”. After she graduated, she had collaborated with British fashion designers, Textile gallery, and Textile enterprises in London by providing her original textured fabrics.  Then she moved back to Japan and started creating consumer products in her own company. Apart from her expertise on “monochrome arts” and “hand craft works”, she had provided colorful digital artworks as an illustrator, which is completely opposite approach to the expertise. This was because she was motivated to publish her art works to the world broadly. However, in spite of the fact that the sales went fairly well and the experience extended her ability a lot, she gradually re-realized how the “monochrome arts” and “hand craft works” are precious to her.  In 2016, getting the opportunity to move to California, USA, she decided to convert her art style back to the delicate and drastic monochrome pen drawing. Now she is motivated to entertain people all over the world by her artworks while being awarded by international art competitions.