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Mary Dove

Best of Show

Mary Dove

Mary Dove

"Sedona Arizona Yellow Argentine Giant Cactus Flower"

Oil painting on stretched canvas , 8" x 10"

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Artist Statement

The Argentine Giant Cactus Flower is a favorite of landscapers in the high Arizona desert. This fragrant blooms normally open at night and persist until early to mid-morning. While it is said to be a nocturnal blooming cactus on cool, cloudy days in Arizona; the flowers continue blooming during the day. The cactus of choice in the neighborhood.

This Yellow Giant was in my neighbor’s yard backlit by the early morning sun when I took the photograph. Oil paintings were added to expand the level of painting communication. Most often the subject matter directs how it would like to be interpreted in watercolor, oil pastels or as an oil painting. The subject intensity of the flower color and shadows were best expressed in an oil painting.

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Mary Dove’s father made certain she was exposed early and often to a wide variety of life experiences. These included all manner of wildlife, birds, nature, sports and even food. Such invaluable encounters have enabled her to breathe life and soul into everything she chooses to paint or draw. Diversification thus became, and remains today, the hallmark of her work. Paintings range from landscapes and architectural structures, big game animals, pet portraits and still life. This allows the subject matter to emotionally fine her as she responds to a particular location or personal experience.


A resident of Sedona AZ, Mary Dove earned both a Bachelor and a Master of Art Education Degree from Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX. Her college education began as an architect major, moved through commercial art and technical illustration to discover her artistic voice as an illustrator. She now captures structures vanishing from our ever-changing landscapes. In the animal world, her keen insight and sensitivity express the physical characteristics and personality of our animal companions and wildlife. Her chosen subjects are depicted in a “realistic expressionism” style reflecting the study of light and values to depict the story mood of the painting.