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Ming Y. Dong

Third Place

Ming Y. Dong

Ming Y. Dong


Printmaking , 21" x 7"

Sale Price $POR

Artist Statement:

Like birds, one’s thoughts have the power to transcend physical shackles and travel unimaginable distances. When one’s mind is set free, creativity is released.


Ming Y. Dong is currently a high school senior. She started to experiment with colors and different media since the age of three. Growing up, Dong liked to visit art museums and explore nature with a sketchbook in her hand, recording every ephemeral moment happening around her.

Dong always connect her art to nature. In her art pieces, she uses nature as the foundational logic. Then, she builds on it with more ideas. She aims to depict the interrelation between common objects and morality, something she considers a product of nature. In this light, her art reflects concepts such as science’s strictness, nature’s power, and culture’s variability.

Dong experiments drastically different styles to create each art piece from multiple dimensions. A piece of Dong’s art usually starts with an inspirational observation or a sudden question. As she tries to explain it, more doubts come to her mind. She either draws out many drafts before starting or starts boldly when her emotion reaches its climax. As she draws, she interrogates art, and art gives her solutions to her doubts.

Dong considers art as the origin of her creativity, so she aims to apply what she calls “art-think” into many areas to solve problems.