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Monique Wright – “Peace”

Fourth Place

Monique Wright – “Peace”

Monique Wright - Peace

"Peace "

Photography , 10" X 13"

Sale Price $190

Artist Statement

My work entitled Peace will hopefully evoke a quiet calm. The tree’s proportions captured my eye immediately with its massive span of branches, the lake as its backdrop and a single bench in front of it. I would like the viewers to transport themselves into this perfect fall day, sitting on the bench, reflecting on life and having peace.


I purchased my very first professional camera about six years ago. I was in between jobs and needed to think quickly of what I was going to do to supplement my income. I picked up the camera then and have not put it down since. Photography has developed into an overwhelming love and passion of mine. I look through my lens with a new set of eyes viewing and framing the world. I see beauty in everything – from broken windows in an abandoned house to a white swan in a lake. I specialize in black and white photos with just a “pop” of color enhancement. However, my portfolio is vast, as my shots consists of nature, landscapes and people.